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Low tech boat tunes. (well, lower cost)


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Maybe not lower tech. My old '98 RLX does not have a stereo.  And I like it that way.  Stereos in boats just seem to have problems.  So, for me, getting a decent bluetooth boom box seems to be the way to go, and enough for my needs.  I do not need to send my bass vibes down the lake, or interfere with Flipper's sonar, or stun mackerel to the surface. ;)  

So, thinking this one.  UE Boom 2.  


The cylinder one, not the disc (the roll) Seems loud enough for me, and at a reasonable price point.  Any others I should consider?

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Look into Ecoxgear

I have the ecoxgear BT and a friend of mine has the carbon. Carbon gets a bit louder but they are both very loud and the battery life is amazing. I will leave it playing at almost full volume for 6-8 hours a day at the pool or beach and it will last several days before it needs a charge. Also waterproof and floats. You can get them cheaper on Amazon, groupon, etc.

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I'm not a big fan of Bose home/car speakers or "systems" but their Soundlink Speaker III is the best small blue tooth I have ever heard.  Much deeper Bass and fuller sound by far than other small speakers.


And Flipper approves!

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Wife bought me the UE Boom 2 (the cylinder one in the video) for my bday this year. We use it all the time around the pool and at the cabin.  It would work well for floating on a boat but would probably be underwhelming while underway.  

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Thanks guys.  Not too worried about underway.  I prefer to hear the motor, the spotter, and anything I hear or sense from the skier, or other boaters/water users out there.  Would be more for hanging out in between sets, etc.  

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I have had the first UE Boom and now I have the 2nd gen. They are great speakers. I think the best thing is they fit in cup holders so I use it on the golf cart all the time

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