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Couple of stock 2016 LSV stereo questions (boat 2hrs away)


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My boat only had the stock 8 cabins w/ a single amplifier.  

1)  I'm assuming this amplifier is the Rockford PM400X4.  Can you confirm?

2)  The distribution for power/ground appear to be three way distribution blocks?  I wanted to make sure I can add another amp easily.

3)  Is the power (red) distribution block just distribution or is it fused?  I didn't see a fuse so I assume its a single fuse?  If so, size?  Can I add another amp of about the same size (tower) w/o blowing it or do I need to come with another fuse. 

4)  I installed the tower speakers, but where are the other ends of those wires I tapped into?  They sure didn't leave a lot of slack in those wires!  

5)  I think I"m going to install the amp with screws to the top of the amp board and run my wires on top for the time being, and completely rebuild the amp board later in the season (want to get it up/running first and work out the kinks).  Any roadblocks/issues?  The amp board looks a little cumbersome to get out and I got a couple more months to hang on to summer!  I also don't like how it flexes.  Probably going to go with a good BB ply and seal it.  

Think that is it for now.  Appreciate the help since I know many of you have experience under the hood!

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1) yes, the 400.4 is typically the OEM in-boat amp

2) if the proposed amp does not exceed the cable and fuse capacity, sure

3) non fused. With just a single amp, you should be able to add a 2nd amp thats comparable to the OEM tower or woofer amp, with no changes to the trunk line. 

4) between the tower base and port locker, tied up.

5) if the amp is as large or larger in footprint, you should be able to mount it similar to how they are from the factory and route the cable in from behind. 

6) trunk is 2ga, branch is 6ga

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non-fused on the red supply trunk, just a simple distribution block. As long as the amp has a chassis mounted fuse and the trunk, branch and main circuit protection calculations are correct, a fused distribution block is not needed. 

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