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Wave Issue - 2014 LSV


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We were out this past Sunday and our wave was different than it normally is.  On a 2014 23 LSV we were running the same weight as normal (full MLS 4 tanks, custom rear bags full, and bow triangle full, wedge all the way down) but with more people than normal (4 extra adults).  The wave was the same height, if not slightly bigger, but it felt like a different shape (sorry, no one took pics).  I kept pearling the board, which is normally not an issue.  I know it's hard without pics or video to help, but does anyone have any suggestions (e.g. more wedge, less ballast with more people weight)?  My wife said the same thing to me, she just could not get comfortable like she normally does.

Thanks, DAI

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Different weight distribution affects my wake a lot. Similar situation to yours. Got use to a specific setup with a regular crew then a few extra people came and i couldnt do my usual small bag of tricks. Did you try wedge in different settings to compensate? Drain bags a bit?

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Malibu advertises there is no need to adjust the weight by putting passengers on the surf side and maybe you didn't even notice, but it does affect the wave if too many people are sitting on the opposite side of the surfer. I like to still balance the weight, but listing to the side of the surfer just a little still helps make and maintain a good wave. I have seen someone get up and crossover to the other side and it washes out the wave a little. 

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I've noticed that yo really have to watch your plug and play bags. They don't always empty all the way. So make sure there filled equally when your ready to go. Also make sure you cycle your wedge manually when your on the water. Helps keep things consistent.

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Thank you very much.

Now that you mention it majority of the people were sitting on the non-surf side (surf goofy).  Never really had a chance to play with the wedge or drain the bags a little to see if it helps on this set.  But will definitely keep it in mind if it happen again.

I do check the PnP bags everytime to ensure as close to an equal fill as my eyeball test will allow.

Thank you everyone and looking forward to redeeming myself over the holiday weekend.

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No prob, also make sur, as you know to keep your fuel level close to the same level i.e. Close to full. Lower the fuel more wedge

I actually like to move, at least the big guys to the surf side for a slight lean.

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