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Has anyone ever...


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Installed one of those train air horns on their boat?

@DarkSide and I were talking about this past weekend and I mentioned I used my horn more than ever because of the stupid idiots that are morons and unsafe. One jetskier was following when my 10 year old daughter was surfing. I tried waving my hands and honking my horn. He never once looked at me. He couldn't hear my horn. 

I want a train horn. I want to make them crap their pants when they get too close to my kids. Please someone take my money and put a crap-inducing horn on my boat. 


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The ones I have seen people add to their trucks require a compressor as well. Not sure if you want to go down that road on a boat. I'm sure they make other ones but I haven't seen them. Also if I were going to add something I'd figure out what bigger boats use. A hand held air horn would be a lot better than something you have to install IMO. 

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I have seen it.  It does require an air tank and compressor to create that much sound.  Of course if you mount the air horn facing forward it won't help behind you and vice versa.   I decided it wasn't worth the space it would take up.  

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Great point on the air horn. I actually think I have one in the glove box for emergencies. Was just thinking something more permanent. Not that I am going to do it. But I WANT to do it. Makes my blood boil thinking about the idiots when they get close to my daughter. I shut it down quickly after that. She didn't ride again because I wasn't going to risk it. I just wanted to deliver a little message to the idiot on the jetski. Rant over...

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I used to have a massive 3 horn setup on the truck, had a standalone compressor and tank between the frame rails. They definitely get everyone's attention. 


Definitely can make people sitting at that green light move in a hurry. I can only imagine the sound would carry even farther on the water. 

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I had an issue with a waverunner and while they couldn't hear my horn, they could hear me screaming into the microphone of my WS420SQ.  Very effective!

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I've heard a horn like that on a houseboat and it's insane.  

Don't bother with the smaller yolo horn with mini compressor.  I tried one and it wasn't really impressed.  Slightly louder than the joke horn the boats come with, but not enough to be heard over wind and water noise by an oncoming or following boat.

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I have been trying to think of how to install inconspicuously (without success).  One of these would be awesome.   But I am an A$$ and probably the last guy you want with a train horn.  I would likely use it to break concentration for the "crash highlight reel"  

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I've been tempted to use a flare gun when someone did that behind my 10 year old daughter while she was wakeboarding.  I got up on the sun deck waving my arms and yelling, to no avail.  I ended up just throttling down and yelling at the girl on the jet ski when she went around.

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