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Stereo Glitch?


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Hey TMC Team,


I just had my stereo revised. I had a WS420SQ installed, new Sub box ( qbomb) and 2 new Exile audio amps for tower speakers and cabin speakers. (Rev8s for tower and Fosgates 8 speakers for cabin).

The refreshed system was 100x better and I am very pleased with everything. 

Question: I was having issue all weekend long, where the stereo out of no where would phantomly get get jacked up to MAX volume, and then the stereo would technically freeze... I would be unable to use the speed knob to lower the volume, and I would be unable to change the Source. Nothing would respond to any touch commands. The stereo would still play music, but I couldn't lower the volume via the speed knob, or the stereo screen. I did have full control of the stereo via the WS420. I then proceeded to shut the power off on the boat multiple times (3 to 4), turned the boat  back on the stereo would still be frozen, I then turned the boat off switched to battery 1, nothing. Then I switched to battery 2, still no change, switch batteries to ALL, nothing, went back to battery one and boom had control again. The following day it started doing the opposite, the master volume went down to zero, and then froze, unable to change source or volume.

The only solution that fixed the problem was to not give up and keep power cycling until it fixed itself. Has anyone had this issue? I was going back and forth utilizing Bluetooth and AUX, but it didnt matter what source I was using it would still freeze up randomly. Do you think this is a software glitch or a stereo glitch having communication problems because of the WS420?



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A couple questions for you.  Was anyone honking the horn?  I know it sounds funny, but there is an issue with that.  Do you have a transom remote or a rear cockpit remote?  If so, try unplugging those.

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Definitely was not touching the horn. I do have a back transom remote, which is not a bad idea to try disconnecting it, but shouldn't it be able to work with the transom remote without issue?

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I see no logic in any downstream audio component having this impact on the source electronics. It would be easy enough to unplug the input to the EQ (only while powered down) to confirm this via a numeric readout.

An issue with the remote interface has merit because all volume controllers would tie into a single driver circuit within the source unit. This is a common behavior while a remote is wet and one than can often disappear once everything dries out.

Low voltage can wig out microprocessors. And a hard reset could correct this. It might require a lengthy time period for stored power to be dissipated in order for the reset to take.

If this never occurred prior to the additions, that coincidence alone is not telling. But it wouldn't hurt to double check the source electronics ground scheme. 

Then there could be an internal issue with the source unit.  



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I agree with the transom remote being a likely culprit. I have had it happen on several marine systems i have had over the years. I have also noticed the stereo display on my 15 VLX will go absolutely crazy when the battery gets weak. When it happens turning the battery selector to "off" seems to reset it.

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