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I just posted my 21 XTI in the classifieds. I have always had some type of boat, but as we become increasingly busy it's hard to find time to use it. I am considering a pool if it sells. At least then we can get wet and not have to leave the house. I may regret it if it sells, but they make them every day. Plus...i've got friends with boats so it won't be the end of the world.  

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Bummer...my buddy at work had a pool put in guessing about 150k..he wasn't enthused about it but the missus was.  He said he would keep the pool for a couple of years then fill it in...I know he was joking but...tough decision for you.  Boats are a lot of work but so are pools.  Good luck!

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Or you could do what we did: Buy an above ground pool and axis boat?  You can swim in an above ground just like in-ground and you can do watersports behind an Axis just like a Malibu.

We definitely spend more time maintaining the pool than the boat. 

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Since I got the Titan XD I have lost some basement storage space...in the "old" days I could keep the boat, Jeep, and my mower trailer all protected. The truck is just too big so I have to beg a warehouse space for the boat. Which is good most of the time, but my buddy says he needs the space for a little while so my boat is homeless. My OCD won't let it stay outside, so I gotta find a place to keep it. Just a pain in the rear end. 

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My dad made our above ground pool sick.  He dug out another foot or two, put all sand underneath threw away the crap pump/ filter bought a real system from the pool store, solar heater on roof, solar cover.  I'd guess he was $1500 - 2000 in and we had a nice pool to chill in.  I'm with you on work of a boat though, it becomes a chore for us too.  Still love it though 

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yup. They are in football, baseball, or basketball... We have (4) so it's a seasonal thing that for the most part goes year round!!!

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