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Guide for tune up?


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As some know, I bought a used '98 RLX.  It was very regularly used by a guy who teaches ski lessons on Lake Sammamish in Washington, and who did his own very regular (every 50 hours like clockwork) oil changes, and got everything else fixed.  He said he had it tuned up in 2015.  I moved the boat to altitude and am re-propping, and want to make sure I am getting all the performance I can out of it.  Was thinking a can of Sea Foam, and replacing plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and fuel filter.  I can do those things on an old Alfa with a four banger, but have never worked on a motor like this.  Any guides about?  Also, from reading other threads, it looks like getting certain parts are better than others, such as a distributor cap with brass electrodes.  Also need to see if there is information about tuning for altitude.  May be above my pay grade but would like to know.

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If you can do them on a car, you can do them on a boat. If he had it tuned up a year ago though you may be wasting money as all those things are usually taken care of. If the plugs, wires, cap, etc look new, I would let it go. Did he do the tune up? If not, he likely took it to Bakes since they're down the road. Maybe give them a call and see if they have the maintenance record of what was replaced? You might want to replace the impeller while you're in there if you're unsure of when it was last done as well (keep the old as a spare on the boat). 

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I can ask him who did the tune. I don't think it was Bake's.  I think it was someone named Jeff Whitwer based on the service records and who did the other stuff.  Tune was in June, 2015, along with new water circulation pump, bilge pump and autobilge. Latest impeller was July 5, 2016, along with housing.  Steering cable was re-done January of 2016.  He had had it re-done before, but was not happy with it so had it done again.  Feels great now.   The hours jumped up 99 hours in late march, early may, when he had it in for service, and someone left the key on.  Apparently, the clock is wired to run through the ignition.  See the "?" he left in the margin of his service record.  Might have to change that.

So I guess no need to replace that stuff.  I might just check it anyway.  Just was wanting to go through stuff on the new to me boat and make sure I am getting full performance out of it.  The prop change seems to be the biggest thing needed.  



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