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Marine Gauge Fit Head Unit off of my home's AC Power


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I recently put in a new dock and am trying to find the best way to provide audio to the dock / beach area of out house. 

In the past I've used mini amps, receivers, and other products made for indoor use ... and even when covered or in an enclosure they don't hold up well.

My latest thought was to get a newer marine head unit (gauge fit), mount it in a post on my shore near where my outlets are .... from there run out to speakers mounted on the dock.  I'm thinking this will hold up much better to the elements and provide the power I need to push 2-4 speakers.

Since its a head unit it wants 12v and as far as I can tell will need at least 5 amps to run reliably.  Can I simply buy a 12v 5a power supply from Amazon, run the head units power wires to the positive, and ground to ground to get it to fire up?  Powering up/down will be a manual thing now, but besides that, am I missing something?

Head unit like this: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_74609_MB-Quart-Nautic-GMR-1.html
Powered by this: https://www.amazon.com/TNTE-12-Volt-Power-Supply/dp/B009ZZV6TA/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1472402192&sr=8-6&keywords=12v+5a+power+supply 
Power standard outdoor speakers.

Will this work?

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All you need is a 10-15 amp 110 AC to 12V DC inverter. Many have round laptop like plugs on the DC side. Clip and wire to your head-unit's yellow and and black. More than enough for a typical marine source unit. No need for external amp unless you want a concert in the cove. 

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Awesome!  That should make this fairly easy then.



No need for external amp unless you want a concert in the cove. 

I planned on just using head unit power for 2-4 speakers.  It doesn't have to do more than provide some background noise for if I'm sitting on the dock or floating around in the water in front of our place.


Thanks for the quick reply!

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