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'09 Malibu lsv 23

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large.IMG_7969.jpg.8a8427c0f843da36243ecLooking at buying an 09 malibu lsv 23. Had a question about the tower. My research suggests that the '09 lsv 23 had an illusion xs tower, but the one that I'm looking above appears to have an illusion X tower. I didn't think that was an option on the '09. Also wondered about the illusion X tower as I'd heard that it had some "cracking" issues. (looking at pictures as the boat is out of state and debating making a trip to look at it). Doesn't this look like an illusion x? The spec sheet lists it as illusion xs

Also wondered if there are any questions that I should ask in looking at this model/year of boat?


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Def illusion X tower, I had an '05 and my illusion was rock solid.  I have been on others where they wiggled a lot in rough water.  Hull looks to be very dirty/stained below the water line.  I think the XS tower and malivue came out in 09 but the LSV got a redesign in '08.  Maybe it's an '08?  Check the last 2 digits of the HIN for model year.

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7 minutes ago, Fffrank said:

Sorry for the possible threadjack but what are those spikey things on the swim deck of the Mastercraft in the next spot over?

Keeps birds off the deck I would say. 

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On ‎8‎/‎27‎/‎2016 at 2:38 PM, jsouth said:

The owner swears its an '09. Is it possible that an '09 has an illusion x instead of the xs?


Nothing is impossible but would seem extremely unlikely for an '09 to have the Illusion X. More likely is the owner bought a holdover very early '08 that still had the X, in 2009 and thinks it's an '09 model. Almost all 2008's have the XS tower. What's the dash look like?

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1 hour ago, jsouth said:


Here is the dash

That's the Maliview dash they used in 2009's. The bow rails also look like a 2009 since the 2008s had the rails on top of the hull. Still don't know why the tower is the older X but these other signs point to a 2009.

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That's an 09 dash and 09 windshield (and a 2008+ hull)... so i'd say it is defiantly an 09.  There weren't very many 09's made (too many 2008's they could sell.) The X was an option and some people liked it better, can't remember why. The XS is taller.  They both are good towers but they also can break (company that made then went out of biz.)  So either it come with a X from the factory and was ordered that way or it has an XS, it broke and they replaced it with the only thing they could find (and X.)  Regardless of the tower it does look like a 2009.  2008's (and only 2008's) have a very different dash and a few (mine included) have Malivue as part of a special retrofit kit Malibu sold.

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I just picked up an 09 23'LSV I believe it has the XS Tower. And I know I have the Maliview.  I would post a picture but it looks like I need to upgrade my Malibu Crew account.

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