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Cycl 3 Misfire Code


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I have a 2007 Malibu VTX with a 340 Monsoon engine.  I just got  a Cycl 3 Misfire SPN 65593 code.  Engine was running a bit rough as I was powering out of the launch.   As I pushed the throttle down I got the code at about 2000 rpm and the motor would not increase in rpm.  Reset the  code and tried again and go the same outcome.

I pulled the spark plug lead and reinstalled it a couple of times.   At one point I was able to throttle past 3000 rpm and it seamed like things were back to normal, but then the motor dropped in rpm and the code came back on.  From this I think I need to pull the cycl 3 spark plug and look for a problem such as a crack in the ceramic.  As I am not on the water with no access to a descent water supply (Fake Lake) and the launch is the worse I have ever had the misfortune to use, I'm wondering if anyone on this site has any other suggestions before I take it out again.  

I was also thinking of pulling the distributor to see if there is some corrosion but I can't see a way to actually take it off because of the large cast aluminum piece on top of the motor covers part of it up.  I will post a pic of this shortly.

Any help would be much appreciated as it could save the family vacation I'm on.   



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How old are the plugs, rotor, cap, and wires?  If they haven't been changed lately (especially the plugs) just swap them all out with new components...even if you have to troubleshoot further you'll be able to eliminate those as suspects.

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had a similar code recently.  wires, cap and rotor is what I replaced - plugs were new so I swapped a couple of them to see if code followed. Cap had some corrosion Ultimately it seemed to be a bad wire. Distributor cap is a pain to get at, had to remove the plenum bolts and move it to the side a bit so I could get at the cap.

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Thanks for the reply gents.   Turned out to be the plug...the easy fix!!! Cracked ceramic.  Will put in new set in the morning and then off to the lake for the true test.  

I still would like to pull the rotor to check it /clean it or replace it.  Sounds like lots of people improved performance especially if they had aluminum contacts.   Looking at it again I think it has two torque head screws holding it in place.  The one towards the stern is accessible but the one at the front is not accessible due to the ski rope post.  Might have to take out the rear bench seat to access it.  Bummer.

Thanks again for the replies.  I'll post the results from tomorrows run. 

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