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XTI ballast & boat setup

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So this goes out to the xti guys or anybody that's good with ballast setup for wakesurfing, I purchased a wakesetter 23 xti used this year and I'm kinda struggling with a good setup for surfing and I'm just curious what others are doing for a good surf wake in this style of boat, let me give a run down of what I'm currently running with,  so I got all Factory ballast full front and rear and I've added 800 pound sack across the back seats with an extra four hundred pound sack on the floor with the mission surf device on the side and it just doesn't seem like I've got good push in the wake and the wake seems good size comparable to those that are surfing good any thoughts or ideas would be very helpful I know this has been a big topic through the years but sometimes a guy just needs a little help... thank you

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Honestly you'll need more weight in the rear of the boat.  Most good surf waves on vdrives already have 800 lbs of engine right in the back then another 800 in each locker and often times even more above that.  You may have an easier time listing the boat and not using the mission surf device at all.  Just put all your weight on one side.  This is my opinion and I'm just a guy with a 23xti and a weak surf wave.  I can go ropeless with a 5'6" Broadcast but not much room to play in the wave.  

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Thanks for the input Molarbu that's what I was wondering so I ordered the acme 911 prop to pull more weight cause the Ole girl grunts to pull the weight I got now.....

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I have the ride XTI, 21' not the 23'. If you look at the drone footage you can see my mission delta too high and  the water is just coming over the top too much. All we had was 400# on surf side beside engine, wedge 3 clicks up, and bow ballast 500# full. We played around with different placement and different weighting possibilities and I've decided that, for me, I need to put the #400 in the rear floor area, get additional bags that fit under the port side seat and on the starboard side floor(they will be 230# each I think), 500# bow ballast full and then weight the mission delta side, not the surf side. We found that when we weighted the surf side the wake was as it always has been but when we weighted the mission delta side the gate had a better impact on the wake. None of this drone footage was after we moved the weight around. When we weighted the gate side the wave became longer so we could not be so close, the last guy surfing that was practically on the platform was a 1st timer so he has a lot of learning to do but he was able to go ropeless, I think he said he weighed 200#. as you can see in the footage, we don't really have any rhyme or reason to where everyone was sitting, had I made everyone sit on the surf or gate side the wake would have been better, but since we were just playing with the drone more than the boat I didn't get all nazi on it.




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Good vid itznowonder, thanks for the good info it's good to know where guys are putting some of the weight I think I'll go out tonight and shift wait to the sides and see what that does....

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