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Perfect Pass - Speed Fluctuation

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I have a 2003 Malibu 23 LSV that is running Perfect Pass Pro ver Xy 6.3.  I have replaced the Servo motor this summer and had the dealership reset the settings.  When I am pulling a wakeboarder, the speed will fluctuate at times 2 MPH difference from the set speed.  I have done the Servo and Linkage test with success.  

Does anyone know of anything else to check?    


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@Tjkelly:  First I would familiarize yourself with adjusting all the settings yourself, the baseline parameters may not be ideal.  There are guides on the perfect pass website you can download or simply call or email, the PP team is super helpful and will work with you to sort out any issues.  As for surging, there are additional issues or items that can cause your surging including but not limited to:  throttle return spring (usually too soft), paddlewheel location or condition, trying to operate in a speed range where there is some engine issue (on carbureted boats for an example, trying to operate right where the secondaries open which was common at 36 mph slalom speeds).  Surging tends to be more of an issue when operating in the Speed control mode rather than RPM mode, speed control is 23 mph and below IIRC, RPM mode is above that.

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Assume you are using a paddle wheel for speed measurement.  They do wear out.  When they "stick" it can cause fluctuations then fail to read completely.  Suggest replacing the paddle wheel.  Just the wheel can be replaced not the entire unit.  

Paddle Wheel Replacement Impeller & Shaft Kit   Kit with new shaft will fit all ski boat thru-hull Paddle Wheels    $28  from Perfect Pass


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Mine surged too until I threw Perfect Passes recommended range of parameters out the window.  Ended up with KDW - 410, NN -66.  No surging even with the stock 14 x18 prop and 3200lbs ballast surfing. No surging wakeboarding either.

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The boat is surging when it is on perfect pass.  The PP is setup for speed mode.  No GPS for the speed input, just the paddlewheel.  After seeing MadMan's numbers on PP, I looked at mine and it's set to KDW - 100 and NN - 160.  I willing to try anything to get the PP to be steady.   I only notice the fluctuations when either pulling Skiers or Wakeboarders with no ballast bags full.  We don't seem to notice the surging when we surf.

I'll give it a shot to adjust the PP settings and see how it performs.  Thanks for all of the suggestions.


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On 24/08/2016 at 03:11, MadMan said:

Le mien a également bondi jusqu'à ce que je jette par la fenêtre la gamme de paramètres recommandés par Perfect Passes. Terminé avec KDW - 410, NN -66. Pas de flambée même avec l'hélice 14 x18 et le surf ballast de 3200 lb. Pas de wakeboard en hausse non plus.

hello.. what your boat ? kdw ? thank 


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