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vapor lock

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 I have an 06 Malibu lxi and when I go out skiing and come back to the beach and try to start it 10 minutes later it won't start I have to open the hood let it cool down it will start about 30 minutes later now I'm having a hard time starting it even with the battery charged , someone mention that year the fuel pump has to be relocated because it heats up

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change a wood
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Seems to be a hot topic this summer ... little pun.  If you do a search there is a lot of info about vapor lock.  In a nut shell the two main fixes are to add a 2nd fuel pump and/or insulate the fuel lines and rails.

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Same problem.  Run the blower the entire time you are on the lake. Annoying I know..... I also will let the engine idle for about 5 minutes or so after running it hard or towing someone. This definitely helps mine.  A water bottle or two with lake water poured over the fuel pump should get you back up and running without having to wait the 30 minutes or so.  I have some insulation material I am going to try when I have time to see if it helps.  I have tried ethanol fuel treatment products with no luck.



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 it's an 06 so I haven't done a tuneup on it yet changing the plugs and I'm going to clean the flame arrester which they said could be another problem may be the plug wires plus rotor cap 

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Definitely do all that if it is due but save yourself the hassle and just install the Carter pump...you'll be glad you did.  PM me if you have questions about the install.

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8 minutes ago, edwardo said:

where did you get the extra low pressure fuel pump 

They just use an electric pump for a carburetor, mounted close to the fuel tank.



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I have  99 SSLXI , and went though that with vapor lock. First I would just pour a bottle of water over the pump and it would start right up , but that got old . I went with a low pressure boost pump and it solved the problem. The only issue is the pump puts additional load on the alternator , so looking to up grade that soon. 

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11 hours ago, dalt1 said:

This may be the pump by itself but I didn't chase down the #'s.http://www.skidim.com/FUEL-PUMP-ELECTRIC/productinfo/RA080018/

This is the same pump without that connector for $60.

On ‎6‎/‎3‎/‎2018 at 8:22 PM, MadMan said:


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