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OJ Dripless Shaft Seal Leaking Again, Time to order PSS Need Help wOrdering the Right One

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So my 2010 247LSV with 200 hours on it LS3 Motor has the shaft seal leaking pretty bad for the second time.  I replaced the bearing (seal) at 70 hours and checked the shaft alignment but it starting leaking again at 130 hours or so.  I have been researching different dripless shaft seals it it seams like the PSS one is the way to go.  If anyone has had better luck with a different brand let me know but as of right now I am ready to order the PSS Shaft Seal.  I know the shaft size is 1 1/8" but they also ask for the Stern Tube Diameter.  Does anyone know the stern tube diameter I am guessing they need this size so they can send the proper rubber boot to slide over and hose clamp.  If anyone has ordered the PSS for their Malibe and have the part number they ordered that will work as well.  Thanks in advance!!

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From what I read the PSS is a better system.  I am just trying to figure out what part number to order so I get the correct size boot for the stern tube.  I hate to rip it all apart to get the correct measurement but that may be my only option if no one on here knows.  I will keep you posted.

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The OJ system seems less complicated to service.  I'm considering putting one on my boat.  Doing an alignment this fall, seems like a good time to get the dripless installed. 

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2 hours ago, saxton15 said:

The OJ system seems less complicated to service.  I'm considering putting one on my boat.  Doing an alignment this fall, seems like a good time to get the dripless installed. 

The OJ seal has no service when it leaks you have the disconnect the shaft and coupling and replace the bearing. From what I understand when the PSS system leaks you just adjust the stainless plate to provide more pressure to the carbon disc.

2 hours ago, racer808 said:

Reading Glide Bearings is the new dripless hotness.  Very curious about them:





Has anyone installed one of these are got pricing on them?? I really don't care what shaft seal I purchase I just want the bilge dry without tearing it apart every year! 

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Call skidim they know.

From skidim previously: "The PSS seal is $236.00. The Malibu's use the OJ dripless seal, which we also sell. They run $179.00. The cutless bushings are $65.00 for the set."


Both my boats have PSS with no problems.

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Dealt with the same issue on mine after I replaced the seal. The old seal had to be pressed out of the housing with a deep well socket. The replacement seal was installed by hand with little to no pressure involved, hence the problem after the reinstallation of the new seal. I was racking my brain trying to figure out why it was leaking just as bad as the old one until I saw it wasn't a seal to shaft leak, but a seal to internal shaft seal housing leak. My new seal would actually spin inside of the housing because the OD of the new seal was smaller than the OEM seal and the water was coming in around the outside of the new seal. Long story short I disconnected everything, slid the seal out of the housing, coated the suspect areas with silicone adhesive and reinstalled the seal. I then ran a bead around the face of the seal where it makes contact with the inside of the housing and reinstalled the snap ring. Viola! 

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