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Rudder turned backwards!

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Happened to me yesterday. Wife was dropping me off at the end of the day to retrieve the trailer and threw it in reverse quickly to avoid hitting the dock. I assume the wheel was turned all the way and now my rudder is turned backwards from the pressure in reverse with the wheel turned. Obvious prop damage but otherwise everything looks ok. 

My question is how do I get the rudder turned back around? Would this entail getting back there and pulling the rudder assembly apart? Hoping I can do this myself without a trip to the shop. 

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14 minutes ago, JasonK said:

When it happened to me, I disconnected it at the tiller arm (by the rudder), and moved the prop around

^^^ this. Removing the prop may help too, and it sounds like you may need to have it repaired so removing it is something that needs to happen anyway.

It also indicates that something isn't correct in the tension/play of the steering cable and tiller arm. The rudder shouldn't be able to flip around so you might want to check the mount points and layout in the engine compartment. It's a pain because space is tight, but worth it to fix so you don't have the same thing happen again.

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There is a rudder stop available that you can install to prevent this.

As the boats and props got bigger, it was found that if the rudder was all the way over to the stop and the driver put it in hard reverse, such as backing off a trailer, the prop would literally suck the barn door of a rudder over center and into the prop.  Once this was found they started installing rudder stops on the rudder box through bolts.   Later I believe the design changed and I don't think we use them still.



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27 minutes ago, electricjohn said:

Does the keyway get sheared when this happens or does something else give?

No, it's just the rudder lever (where the cables attaches) being pulled "over center" by the force of the prop. 

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I got it turned around by removing the steering cable from the tiller arm and turning it all back around and in place. What a pain in the butt! The steering cable now needs to be replaced as well as the cable support tube. When it turned backwards the cable got all tweaked and the support tube is all bent where I can't even pull the cable out of the tube now. 

Brand new cable and support tube on the way from skidim. I did get a nice shiny new ACME 1235 to put on now :biggrin: 

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13 hours ago, SmoothWaterMan said:

There is a rudder stop available that you can install to prevent this.



Do you know where I can find this? Looking online and haven't seen anything. 

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