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My suction gate build


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So I tried making a surf gate out of wood that mounts to my axis swim step and it was a fail. So I decided to make a suction gate. Now I'm just praying it works. 


I used the plastic handle, harbor freight suction cup that I painted black. For my brackets, I cut a piece of aluminum angle to 45 degrees and had them welded up, painted black also. For the board, I just used a cutting board from Walmart. I figured my aluminum mounts will stiffen my plastic suction handle and cutting board. So far it's all built and I couldn't even make it budge when it was mounted to the boat. The cutting board is also extremely ridged. Here are the pics, unfortunately, it'll be a month before I can test it out. 













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LOL those brackets are beautiful, so I had a chuckle when I saw the un modified cutting board attached in the last two pics.  Should work fine, maybe ad a brace to complete the triangle if you spot any flex in it

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15 hours ago, kx250frider617 said:

 it'll be a month before I can test it out. 

That thing looks great. Wish I had a TIG welder and could weld like that.  

I would suggest, since the Harbor Freight levers are notorious for breaking when trying to pull a vacuum on water instead of air, to go ahead a fab up some new ones during the coming month.  When I made my replacement levers, I repositioned to holes to pull less vacuum.  This was because you can't really make water expand like air, so all you end up doing is making the suction cup and housing distort.

Mines similar to yours, 45 degree angle, works well, never comes off.  I believe the lesser angle lessens the likelihood of it coming off.

Does it float??

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I had to laugh at the cutting board too. Nice cut welded brackets, painted all nice. Then cheap a** cutting board......c'mon man get some real HDPE and give the rest of your work the finish it needs.

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It's gonna work but donyourself a favor and get the 8 dollar orange suction cup from harbor freight. It holds much better but the tabs break sometimes. Those tabs on your HOD you can swap over. 

My latest iteration made from pvc vinyl trim (floats and available at Home Depot)


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I'm planning on replacing the cutting board after trying it out first. Luckily I have minimal money invested so if it's all a fail, I won't mind. I would definitely keep the brackets though hahaha. 

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Here's the out come. I was able to surf for a couple runs, due to too many boats. I didn't mess with any different ballast configurations either.



its an 12' a22, with factory ballast full, 600's rear, 950 bow, 500 in lead, 8 people in the boat, wedge down. The speed was at 11mph. 


I cant wait to try with my full ballast setup which is another 800 floor sac and a extra 450 bow sac. 


The  gate held solid and worked perfectly. I am beyond stoked

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