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Best Salt Water brand/model or don't even think about it!

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So first a little back ground.  I am a military guy that is forced to live on the coast.  I have a 13 VLX that has never touched the salty stuff.  We trailer inland and take long vacations back to TN in the summer.  I was looking at upgrading this year and looking forward to moving to VA where we would be much closer to a good lake.  However, I just found out our move has now been delayed for at least two years.  I hate that I am missing out on good water time because I am scared of the salt water.  There are decent inter-coastal waterways that would be great playgrounds all over the area.

I would like to get feed back from some of you that do venture into the salt and see how much of a pain it is or isn't.  Should I even consider it?  Also, what brands have the best salt water packages and what models are better than others.  I love my Malibu, but maybe its not the direction I should go.  I really don't want to do it, but when you live 5 mins from a ramp with nice usable water its hard to keep driving hours to the nearest lake.  Thanks in advance for you time and assistance.   

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I'd be looking for a mastercraft CSX if I were in your shoes.  Something like this http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2009-mastercraft-csx-220-102832360/

It's the kind of boat that people expect to get salty, so using it in the salt isn't going to significantly impact your resale value (like it will with a malibu, even a salt series malibu).  And it's the same running surface as the MC X25.

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I have a salt series axis with an ls3. The biggest concern with salt, is the trailer. I have a painted-over, galvanized trailer and I still rinse it down right after I launch. One of my boat launches has a free fresh water spigot that I bring a house and rinse it down right after I launch and right after I pull the boat out. 

For the boat, I've had no problems what so ever with salt. The main thing is having people not bring the water in. They should dry off on the platform and any wet jackets, etc should go in plastic bins in the hatches. 


Then at the end of the day, it's a full boat wash. I like to go to those self serve car washes and pressure wash the boat with the soap setting. Spray inside the trailer tubes, all under the hull, etc. 


ive been going in salt for years, even with a. Non salt series boat and have never had a salt related issue with the boats. Trailers are a different story. The cleanup at the end of the day is a bit more but once you get a system down, it really only takes about an hour. 


So what I'm trying to say is, it's not necessarily what the best salt series boat you get, it's how you maintain it. In my experience though, get any salt series that's a two piece hull design with a full fiberglass floor. My axis has been great! I've been on a salt series g23, it was nice, really nice. 

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+1 on kx250frider617 post.  All of our boats are made from the same basic materials. Many people using inboards in salt water opt for a closed cooling system but if you are diligent on cleanup and flushing well don't know if its as big of thing as some make it to be. Its all in the clean up! I have lived on many coastal areas and our boats have done well but I never had an inboard with a lot of carpet. One could go with composite floors or snap out carpet.  And yes it will likely lose more value than a fresh water boat.

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Thanks for the info.  That's kinda what I was thinking.  Just more cleaning!  

31 minutes ago, kx250frider617 said:

I've been on a salt series g23, it was nice, really nice. 

Yea, I agree.  It would be hard to dump that kinda money and then dump it in the ocean! For me anyway.

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