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Starting up after extended storage


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I have a 2007 VTX with a 340 Monsoon engine.  It was winterized at the end of the 2014 season; oil and filter replaced, and cooling system including block drained and filled with antifreeze.  Not sure if the cylinders were fogged or not.  Does anyone have some advice on what should be done before starting it back up after 2 years of covered storage?



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Biggest potential issue is going to be the gas.  But here is what I'd do

1) Pull each plug and fog cylinder - couldn't hurt.  For bonus points hand rotate the engine half a turn and fog again before putting plugs back.

2) replace the impeller

3) Start it up and hope the gas is still good

If the gas isn't good then you get to siphon it all out and add new then use the fuel rail valve to purge the old gas out of the lines


Even if it does start I'd next fill it up with premium so that mixes in with the old stuff - how much 2 year old fuel is in there?


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How much fuel in tank?  Was any sort of stabilizing agent used?

I'd recommend a can of Sea Foam and a fillup of good ethanol-free 93 octane if you can find it for the first tank.

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After lubing the cylinders, I'd spin in over a bit without the plugs in. Maybe pull power to the fuel pump, by pulling fuel relay. Think I'd lube the impeller too. In other words, get some oil circulated thru the engine, and a general wake up call to the engine. Pull the coil lead so plug wires dont try to fire too.

Steve B.

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My Echelon sat for 3 years due to a few personal and logistical issues. 


Before it it was stored it was winterized by a Malibu dealer including oil change and then shrink wrapped. 


I I picked it up (had about 1/4 tank of fuel that had been treated with stabilizer) reconnected the battery (which had been kept separate and trickle charged) added ~15 gallons of fresh 89 octane gas and headed to the lake. It was a quiet day at the launch so i backed down the ramp into the water after taking straps etc off and putting plugs back in. 


Boat at started within 2 seconds of initial key turn and roared back to life. No effort. No odd noises. Just a quality GM motor doing exactly what it's supposed to do. 


(Footnote my 3rd trip back to the lake for the season I shredded the impeller. Quick repair no other casualties) rubber got old and the whole impeller housing actually cracked (plastic)


with proper winterization and fuel storage you SHOULD be able to hop back out on the lake pretty quick and easy. These. GM blocks are pretty tough. 

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Thanks for the reply and the great advice guys!

In addition to the winterization items I listed, I had stabilizer added to the 1/4 tank of gas and a triggle charger on the batteries.  Before starting it up I pulled the plugs and sprayed  a shot of WD40 into the cylinders and let it soak for an hour.  Before putting the plugs back in I turned it over with the starter for 3 secs a few times.   I use a 5 gallon bucket with a hose fitting off the bottom and stick this into the water pump intake hose  and continually filled with a garden hose. I turned the key up she came with no hesitation.  

Its off to the lake next Fiday for a week.  I'll let you know how is goes. 


Thanks again!


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15 minutes ago, oldjeep said:

should be just fine then. Word to the wise though, wd40 is a water displacement spray and a god awful lubricant. Pick up a can of fogging oil for future use.

Was thinking the same - would be concerned it would actually remove any remaining lubricant from the cylinder walls. Fogger or a squirt of motor oil better.

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