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23LSV bow sack


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I'm thinking of slow rolling an integrated pump for a bow sack on our LSV - even the wife is on board :).

@IXFE I've seen plenty of photos of your install, but do you have a parts list and was there a thread describing where how you plumbed it?  New through hulls, or somehow using existing?   I like the setup you had with the switch near the driver vs. in the walkway, but both are pretty slick.   And I forgot which member copied your project, but if they could chime in, that would be appreciated as well.  

Has anyone integrated a bow bag utilizing the factory pump, etc. to just overflow into the bow bag like the factory rear PNP does?   Probably not a clean install vs. a dedicated system I'm guessing, but I am curious.  

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Thanks for the call!  For those not on the line (i.e. everyone else on the forum :)), I'll provide a quick recap.  

Reversible pump is setup through the factory drain under the v-drive and pump is mounted under the "shoebox" in the v-drive compartment to the port side of the boat.   

Hose is run high along the gunnels and up to the bow, where the 90 degree fitting is installed.

IXFE is running the sumo sack this year - however, the auto vent valve isn't at the high point of the bag so he still has to manually vent the bag or has water coming out of the vent.   I'll probably run the Fly High bag, which IXFE ran last year.   Yes, it had to be manually vented, but he liked the location of the fill/drain port - it just slightly extends over the edge of the bow seat, so does a better job of draining than the ports on the sumo sac.  




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You guys may have talked about this on the phone too but I don't think integrating a bow sack through the factory rear PNP is very efficient. I think it could work but would be really slow to fill because the rear sack would have to fill first, and then the bow sack would fill next. That would basically double your fill time.

I think draining would be very problematic due to the distance from the bow and gravity not being your friend. With the hose running along the gunnels, it loses the benefit of gravity drain that the rear PNPs have, and I'm not sure if the aerator pumps create enough suction to overcome the uphill draw and create a siphon effect to empty the sack.

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We didn't talk about using PNP.   I'll probably just go with a dedicated pump eventually.  I was actually interested in somehow teeing off of or adding an overflow line off the front bow tank, where it functions similar to the rear PNP using the factory pumps.    I'm not going to explore that too much though - I was just curious if anyone had tried it. 


Got the Fly High sack and a manual pump on the way to finish out the season.  Hopefully will tackle a permanent installation in the offseason. 

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