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2016 Malibu 23 LSV Oil Change Question

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I have a 2016 Malibu 23 LSV with the 410 motor. I had the dealer accomplish the 10 hr service. I recently hit 50 hours and it's time for an oil change.  Has anyone done their own oil change on with this motor. The dealer said I need an oil pump to suck it out, but the Inmar Manual, Section 7, page 7-6 is says to:

1> With the boat level on a trailer, remove the garboard drain plug and insert QuickDrain through the hull opening (outside of hull).

2> Remove QuickDrain hose cap and let oil flow into used oil container. When all oil has drained, replace cap and return QuickDrain to storage position.

Based on these instructions, it looks like gravity may do the job. Maybe the pump makes the process faster, as it may take some time for 8 quarts of oil to gravity feed? Obviously, the boat would be warmed up prior to this procedure.

If anyone has any experience with this new motor it would be great. An oil change is so easy, that I would prefer to do myself and save the two trips to dealer and expense. Thanks!

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Funny I was just starting to look into this myself.  I had assumed that we would drain the oil from the dipstick hole using something like a MityVac 7400 fluid evacuator.  I don't have my manuals with me now - they are in the boat which is in storage.  Do you have any more info on the quickdrain?  Also do you know what filter is?  Looks like I need to do some more research too!

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I have LSA.  I use an electric oil pump hooked up to quick drain and it sucks oil out in a couple of minutes.  But, you can just let it gravity feed out bottom of your boat thru center water drain t handle plug.  Replace oil filter and oil and done!  You can buy Marine elect oil pumps online.  I also use it to suck out tranny and vdrive oil.

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You need to fake a lake and warm the engine oil up or it will take 48hrs to get that oil to drain out.

I bought the jabsco 12v oild drain pump w/bucket. it drains in 30 seconds. I am on a 25-30hr change cycle. Its easy,


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1) ran the boat for 15 minutes out on the lake (450 engine)

2) took it out of the water, and pulled the rear drain plug.  Put a big piece of blue tape on the platform with the words - put plug back in stupid!  (yeah, I need that)

3) unclipped the quick drain hose, fed it through the drain plug hole, unscrewed the end, straightened hose, drained into Homer bucket (less than 5 minutes)

4) changed cartridge filter - first one I had seen - top unscrews and lifts off with filter, filter snaps out, replaced filter, replaced o-ring seal (easy to see)

5) refilled with oil (almost forgot to put cap back on, but that's me)

6) retracted hose, clipped it back in place, put drain plug back in (even with tape reminder, that's still good for me)

7) ran boat and checked oil level.

I thought the quick drain hose and the cartridge oil filter made it super easy.  I had used an extractor before, and I took it with me, but there was no need for it.  Easy Peasy.  Need a phillips screwdriver to get the rear divider out, a big pair of channel locks for the filter, scissors to cut the quick drain cable tie loose, two adjustable wrenches to get the end off the quick drain hose, a cable tie to put the quick drain hose back, a funnel for the refill, paper towels, a trash bag, and a big blue piece of tape with the words "put the plug back in stupid" on it.  I was thrilled with how easy it all was.  


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Stevo, with the Jabsco 12v pump, you don't need to warm the motor, correct? Do you extract the oil from the dipstick or the quick drain?

Also, which Jabsco model did you get, the flat tank one or the one that looks like a 3 gallon paint can?

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additional question thought of after the fact
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2 hours ago, TWilli7523 said:

Thanks for the input.  The part number for the Indmar filter for the 2016 Monsoon 410 Malibu 23 LSV is #501022S.  I got a few from Bakes. I have not found them anywhere else. Here is the link.


I will get the electric pump to make it easier/faster. Thanks.

Cross reference is the Wix 57186 on the oil filter, which is what I used.  I think Napa 7186 also works.   Note, it didn't come with a new ring, so save the old one or make sure you get a replacement.   I had very little luck finding a readily available replacement for the Indmar V drive fluid and picked it up from Bakes.   Even the Delvac that the Indmar fluid replaces wasn't in stock at O'Reilly here, and ordering it through Amazon or Walmart resulted in gallon or 5 gallon jugs and the v-drive takes very little fluid (I think I replaced exactly a quart on mine).   

I initially tried to just use the drain hose out the back of the boat and it took FOREVER to drain the engine oil (engine wasn't warm).   After it started trickling, I used the Mityvac to suck more out.  I still only got about 7 quarts out.    

The Mityvac worked great on the Vdrive and tranny, but again I got out slightly less fluid in each of those than the manual calls for.   I'm also pretty certain the factory (or dealer) had both of those slightly overfilled.  Hope I don't have seal issues later on due to that.  The V drive actually released a little pressure when I pulled the dipstick, which I've never had happen before.  

By the way, access to the new cartridge style filter is super easy.  I sat on the swim deck and could reach it easily.  I just took a ziplock bag out and pulled it straight into that.  Note, the cap on the cartridge is really tough to get off the filter.   Just pull HARD.  I posted up on here as I thought I was going to break something.  Turns our I just needed to man up and keep pulling to get it off.  

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1 hour ago, JustinH said:

Stevo, with the Jabsco 12v pump, you don't need to warm the motor, correct? Do you extract the oil from the dipstick or the quick drain?

Also, which Jabsco model did you get, the flat tank one or the one that looks like a 3 gallon paint can?



i have changed it 2x and both times I warmed up the engine on the fake a lake. I may not have to but force of habit, from all my other oil changes

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