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WS420 questions


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If I go with a WS420BT, I'm unsure of the following on my 2016 LSV. 

I'd like to maintain functionality of my transom remote and the 7" touchscreen showing song titles, etc.     

I assume if the WS420 is using the blackbox as the source and I'm still using the Malibu BT, everything will function like it does today.  But, I'd like to get away from the finicky Malibu BT system and actually would prefer to have my phone playing the music via the lighting cable while also staying charged.    

But, if I connect through the WS BT or through the aux input on the WS, then am I correct in that the transom remote won't work and the 7" screen won't really do anything for the system (maybe master volume only?).  


@MLA You mentioned Apple integration in the thread below - was there something specific you were speaking to?   The only "integration" I have is through BT right now.  


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There is a USB in there, but it doesn't work with the lightning cable.  I'll try it again tomorrow in case I'm imagining things.  Rockford doesn't make the round port to lightning adapter anymore.   Apparently you can order them from Patrick Industries still, but I've read reports now that those cables aren't always reliable.   


Just ran across the thread below though and perhaps I should check into the Rockford bluetooth and then just leave my phone charging and mounted in the sport dash.  


I also have the command wheel and I'd like to keep the volume functionality of that.   Just thinking out loud here, but perhaps the standard WS420 so I get the zone control and equalizer functions with the Rockford BT will give me what I'm looking for.   




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9 hours ago, hethj7 said:

There is a USB in there, but it doesn't work with the lightning cable.

If you get no recognition of any king when a device is plugged up, I would suspect a loose connection at the BB.

A device like the WS-420, whether the SQ or BT, is going in the audio signal path between the head-unit/BB/main source unit and the amp. The source unit functions will not be eliminated, but it will change how some are uses, mainly volume controls at the transom remote. As long as you are interfacing through the black box or other main source unit and have the EQ input on MAIN, the BB or source unit still acts as the master control. 

Now, if you go with the WS-420BT and switch over the its blue tooth or connect to the back of the EQ with hard cable, you will bypass all of the black box or main source unit functions. Transom remote will not function, sport knob, helm audio control screen, etc. This is because your music source signal is now entering the path after the main unit. 

For you, I would suggest the WS-420SQ. I would then address the issue with the OEM blue tooth receiver. If needed, then install an aftermarket blue tooth into the black box AUX. One downside to the aftermarket is that you will lose title display on the maliview. However, your sport knob and transom remotes would still function while using BT.  

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The USB charges, but the stereo just constantly says it is reading, which I think confirms it isn't "apple" ready from the factory, at least not for a hard wired connection.  


I guess I don't fully get the difference between the black box and the head unit.  I thought the BB was essentially the head unit, and the 7" screen was just the interface to the "head unit" which is actually the BB.   I guess not if I can't plug the Rockford bluetooth into the BB and not maintain song title info on the 7" screen.   

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I had the 420SQ paired with the Rockford BT on my 2014. Worked great! Transom remote worked and could charge phone in the glove box if I wanted. 

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You can buy an adapter from Amazon so that the round Apple connector in the glove box will work with the Lightning connector. It connects to the end of the stock 30 pin cable and then has a lightning connector on it. This adapter has a digital to analog converter to make it work. Costs about $40. 

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