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Wet Sand and Buffing

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Soooo. I bought a 2002 VLX three weeks ago for a very good price. Drove to Miami from Nashville to pick the boat up. I have been working my a** off wet sanding and buffing the boat. I am amazed how good it turned out. I did a lot of research on this site and further. Wet sanded the boat twice, buffed with three different compounds/polishing agents, and finally applied polymer. The gel coat looks almost new at this point. ill post pictures soon. Just trying to be here to help anyone who is thinking about taking on the project of wet sand and buffing!! ill post pictures soon!

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Oh I so look forward to seeing pictures.  Before I sold my '01 VLX this year I did the same exercise and the results were amazing.  I didn't need to wet sand but a couple small areas near the transom, but a proper cutting, polishing, ultra-fine polish, and 2 coats of wax really made it wonderful for the new owner.

What system of compounds did you use?  3M?

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When I sold my Crownline, I buffed it out also, did the 1 step 3M stuff, but I washed it down first with a 'glass' microfiber to get most of the chalk off. Then used a Dewalt rotary, to apply the 3M product. worked great.

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Welcome @Jpeak! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Always try the least aggressive approach first on a test spot. Then get more aggressive if needed.

I ended up having to go full monty on mine and found the fastest way to wetsand without having the paper suction cup itself to the hull was to have my son hold the garden hose above the areas I was working on. Wore some old yellow rubber gloves because my hands got so cold from the well water. What took me 4-6 weekends on my Echelon over that first winter would probably be done in 1-2 now that I have it figured out.

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I'm having trouble uploading pics. Help!!

I used 3m heavy compound, finesse it 2, and finally 3m machine polish. Once I was done I used Maguiars #20 polymer sealant.   All said and done I have around 30 hours in the job! 

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1 hour ago, Jpeak said:

I'm having trouble uploading pics. Help!!

Have to use a hosting site like photobucket. Or become a site supporter and you can attach directly, plus get crew discounts from retailers.

Tried to link the 'how to attach pics' thread in the help section, but it must not have made it over during the switch to the new host. I'll let a mod know.

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