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2010 wakesetter vlx prop

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I'm sure this is an on going topic. I love my vlx and want to make sure I have the right prop for surfing so I don't put to much strain on the engine. Full stock ballast(1250lbs)

750's in each locker, wedge down and delta... With at least 5 people on.. I don't seem to have any problem hitting my set cruise speed, not sure what prop was on my boat when I bought it as I am the second owner...  Thanks for your feedback, very much appreciate everything everyone offers from this site



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Others will have opinions from one end of the 14" inch prop scale to the other end of the 17" prop scale. For me personally with an LSV with the 350 Monsoon and running full MLS an 1100 surf side and full 750 in the bow with a suck gate the 1235 has been a very good prop "for me". I normally run right at 3250 rpm surfing as described. Surprisingly and for what ever reason now that I am using the suck gate I have seen about a 150 rpm drop in the rpm when surfing, but I need to get some more time with suck gate to repeat and verify the results. Full MLS  boarding at 19.2 with max wedge I am seeing about 3100 rpm IIRC. Cruising is most comfortable at 23-25 mph and 2900-3000 rpm. I had a 537 and that thing was a gutless dog even for boarding so it went away. Your best bet is to try a couple out if you can. For me I don't give a crap about running down the river at warp speed and I don't travel any distance to get to good water so I gladly sacrificed top end for the power where I use it 99% of the time. I guess I am getting old. With the 2 750s in the rear and a normal crew of 5 I would consider running something a little more aggressive than a 1235 though. I did try a similar load surfing one time and thought the performance was "lacking" with the 1235.

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I will have to look into what other options I can have, I was also considering the 2315 but I don't want to overdo it as well. I don't care for cruising much at high speeds, when we go for a ride its at around 3000-3200 rpm so around 24 mph.. Is there any way for me to check what prop is on my boat right now.. 

The 750's are in each locker, so the boat isn't leaning , I don't know if you thought they were on top of each other or not. I purchased the delta which gives me that nice surf wave and to avoid to much leaning to one side.. From your description it seems you have more weight and the 1235 you said was plenty. But I guess I will have to try them anyways

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If you look on the back of the prop face partly under the prop nut you will see for a 1235: RH, 1235, 14.2x14.5 might of reversed the numbers and order of appearance. I got that you had a 750 per locker. Surprisingly for me there was a biiiig difference between running my nearly 1850lbs spread front to rear and your 1500lbs all in the rear. IME using the 1235 and having all of that weight located in the rear of my boat made for a really hard start with no bow weight. I could forget about using the wedge if I wanted to get on plane. I only tried running a 750 per locker once so I could have probably experimented some to get better results.

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Ah got it, maybe I should consider lowering back weight and add some bow weight, would probably help a lot especially with lengthening out the wave which is already very big and nice

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I have the monsoon 350,

current prop, no idea. I feel like it's not the stock one because it is quite capable of reaching my cruise speeds loaded up a liittle bit,

as far as cruising goes we don't joy ride it much because we have another boat for that, this one is strictly for water sports.

i just don't want to be killing the engine due to the wrong prop being on there. I'll look tonight to see which prop I have, like I said my setup is full mls and 750's in back lockers on each side with a few passengers.

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