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Registration numbers above rubrail

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Thumbs up to Domed Numbers for matching the blue flake on our new boat!  But, not even thinking about it I put them above the rub rail.  What do you all think?  I doubt I move them now, but even my last boat was below the rail.  Not sure why I didn't even think about going below with these.  







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Just now, DAI said:

The numbers look good, but personally I would have gone below the rub rail.

Starting over again I would lean towards below as well.  Now that they are on though, I will probably leave them (unless the crew convinces me they look awful where they are, which I don't think they do :dontknow:)


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In Australia, Law says they have to be 100mm (4Inches) below the rub rail.

Just now, AussieSkier said:

In Australia, Law says they have to be 100mm (4Inches) below the rub rail.

Lucky your not in Aus....then I suppose....!!!!

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They look good and stand out well above the rail. When I replace mine next year I've thought about going above the rail to greatly reduce the chance of them getting tore up when I'm not the one docking:whistle:

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42 minutes ago, SoDakSooner said:

looks good. I prefer below, but obviously would have had to have been another color.

This right here ^^^. No way the outline would be enough contrast to pass as legal. I also prefer below the rail, but that blue is a great match. Leave it.

They're not coming off of there in a reusable fashion anyway, if that's what you meant by moving them. You'd have to reorder.

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I think Utah law is that they are supposed to be below the rubrail.  At least that is what my instructions said.  

But yours look great where they are.  And they would not show up below the rubrail anyway because they match so well.  

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Thanks everyone. I would order another set to "move" them.  But, looks like I will save that money and leave them.

Just now, Nitrousbird said:

Pull them and go white below the rail.  It is like putting the license plate on the hood of your car.

Ah come on now, it isn't that bad.  Lol

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I would hope the water police would use good judgment. In this case the rub rail is low and the ID is not hard to find or see. But then if you get the guy who reads the law and only looks at how its written. :whistle:  I see snowmobiles stopped in Michigan quite often, placement of registration tag. But the ones who get stopped the most are the ones who do not even come close to placement order.    

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Tell you what: Mine are below the rub rail. Let's trade boats. I will pay for gas money and meet you half way! You cant even see mine from the driveway...


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11 minutes ago, DarkSide said:

I think they look fine.   I hope the water popo  has better things to do than police this! 


As my retired Highway Patrol father in law would say, "It gives me a reason to pull you over and get my nose inside of the vehicle to see if there is anything else going on." 

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MO Numbers

serves same function as a motor vehicle's license plate;

are permanently affixed on each side of the forward half of the vessel;

usually remain assigned to the same vessel when ownership transfers, except in certain situations; and

consist of two alpha characters followed by four numeric characters and two more alpha characters, example: MO 1234 AB.

The registration number assigned to a boat/vessel shall be attached to each side of the forward half of the boat/vessel in such position as to provide clear legibility. Black or dark numbers should be used on light hulls, and white or light numbers should be used on dark colored hulls, providing a sharp contrast.

The registration numbers shall read from left to right, and shall be in block characters of good proportions, not less than 3 inches in height. The numbers must be divided into parts. The letters, prefix and suffix, shall be separated from the numbers by 2 inch spaces. A hyphen may be used within the 2 inch space.

No number other than the registration number awarded to a boat/vessel or granted reciprocity shall be painted, attached, or otherwise, displayed on either side of the bow of the boat/vessel.


Does not specify above or below, I have seen both on Missouri boats.  FWIW the MO Highway patrol boats registration numbers are above the rub rail.   

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You beat me to it. No legal ramifications as I am in compliance here. Just purely a "how does it look?" preference thing.  Again, I would probably do it below if I was starting over but certainly don't hate the look of it above. Plus, I couldn't use stratosphere blue flake numbers if I went below ?


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Personally I'd move them and make them black. Registration numbers aren't exactly an attractive feature of a boat and the less noticeable the better.

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