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Starting issues 2004 LXI

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I have Big issues with my boat since last year. When the engine 's hot, whe're stuck on the Lake. The problem goes  On And Off. The engine crank's but it wont start. He're the diagnostic:

  1. the fuel  pump is not priming (I changed the pump last week) The boat runed for about 1-2 days
  2. One contact  of the fuel pump relay (the 30) is  burning , I've changed 3 in a year. Everytime  I changed it the boat was  ok. (I also changed the contact of the relay yesterday
  3. The battery And contacts are new, the fuel filter have been changed,
  4. And finaly, I send  2x the boat to the only Malibu dealer in Québec and they had no trouble with it ; (

As  my wife had kids say when were stuck on the lake:. AU SECOURS!! HELP!!

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So your cold starts are fine?  The hot start problem suggests vapor lock.  If the contact on the relay is frying then it must have been loose and arcing.  Changing the contact (harness?) probably cured that.  Those are standard GM harnesses and relays so no need to pay marine prices for them.

Try propping your engine cover open when you stop - or keep your blower running when it's hot out.  You may have left over "cold weather" gas in Quebec - which is more susceptible to vapor lock than Summer gas. Search vapor lock on TMC.  Lots of threads!

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I have an o4 RLXI.  I have had the same problem.  I would like to say I fixed it but a spiral fractured tib/fib has impeded my ability to get out and be sure the problem is resolved.  I am sure you have vapor lock.  You can verify when it wont start, lift engine cover and release pressure from schraeder valve at the end of the fuel injection system.  I air comes out you have vapor lock.  If liquid gasoline comes out you do not.  I installed secondary pump mentioned in many other similar posts.

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