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Flooring alternatives?


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I have a 13' lsv with snap in carpet. It's still in great shape, but TBH, I'm getting pretty tired of taking it out after each day out washing it, drying it, and putting it back in! This is my first summer with the boat as well!!

Who sells the other stuff that is pre fitted for a Bu that is the sea deck material like the swim decks? Are there any other options? Thanks!

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Sea Deck or Gator Step are two options.  I have Gator Step on my gunnels and love it!  I have considered getting it for my floor but haven't pulled the trigger yet... maybe next year.

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3 hours ago, DAI said:

Have you considered deckadence as an alternative?  A little pricy but we have really enjoyed it over carpet.

I'm not familiar with decadence. I remember seeing it as an option when I was pricing new boats, but never looked into it.

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7 hours ago, Cmb396 said:

I'm not familiar with decadence. I remember seeing it as an option when I was pricing new boats, but never looked into it.

It's like a 1/2 inch thick mat that never feels wet and is soft to the touch.  I'll take a picture of mine tomorrow if you like.


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My experience with decadence has been mixed as well as certain types of SeaDeck.. I find that in direct sunlight, these materials get hot!  If you have food in your boat, I would steer away from decadence as it is a trap.  For the smooth surface patterns of SeaDeck, similar to the platform cover, it gets hot.  I have the molded material on my gunnels from GatorStep and it has been pleasant.  http://www.gatorstep.com/#!color-samples/c1wnc  I am not sure how the scraped material would work...

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We have kids, and my friends have kids, ranging from 6-12, so sweeping out gold fish and Doritos crumbs is not out of the ordinary. 

I have a rule that anyone only eats off the back when we are stopped, but some one always sneaks a snack somewhere.

So not sure the decadence would be a good option. I will look into the gator step, I like the look of it, and like the idea of doing the gunnels and bow, as well as the area in front of the windows. I've slipped myself there.

It will be hard tho purchasing anything "gator" related tho beIng a die hard Vols fan!!! Haha

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Been going through the same dilemma.  VLX, so prices will be a tad lower.  To have a Deckadence carpet done would be $1300.  The Gator step is somewhere around $950.  Doing the Deckadence oneself would be about $700.  My kids are 6, 11, and 11, as are their friends.  And they run for the snacks any time a rider falls (nevermind that they spent 3 hours playing on the dock instead of getting ready to go, and eating, and using hte bathroom, etc.).  But it hasn't been a problem with the regular carpet, so I don't expect it will be with teh Deckadence.  So I've decided to go that route.

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Did the do it yourself Deckadence, and could not be happier.  Had a friend get in the boat with red georgia clay on one foot (the Deckadence is white), and simply poured water on the spot and it was gone.  Been over 95 degrees here for something like the last 60 days, and the Deckadence gets slightly warm, but far less so than the carpet I had in my last boat.  Small crumbs/leaves/dirt go right through the Deckadence.  I won't own another boat without it.   

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+++1 for decadence, the stuff is bulletproof, removable, feels great on your feet, dries quickly, never smells, and breaths quite well.  You will be surprised how much stuff passes through the deckadence when you lift up the mat.  We eat all the time in our boat (chips, dips, snacks, etc..) and food getting caught in it has never been a problem plus it seems to be literally impossible to stain.  After two seasons it looks brand new, when its 105 degrees out everything in the boat is hot including the floor.  I am a huge fan of this stuff!

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I am considering a deckadence alternative and have found two sources I am getting samples from. Madmatter.com and http://www.miraclecoversd.com/pemsurface. both sell this in a 6x10ft section that will do the whole floor of my VLX with no seams for between 300-450 bucks. half the cost of deckadence. I am also looking at the miners moss available on utopiatools.com for doing in the back lockers under my PnP bags and under the seats in the storage compartments. 

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