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oil pressure gauge fluctuation

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Running today and noticed the oil pressure gauge fluctuate. while running around 2000 RPM it would go from just above 40 psi to just below.  When stopped and just @ idle it would go just above 40psi and stay there.  Any ideas? faulty sensor, gauge? Any help greatly appreciated.

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I suspect that the analog oil pressure sensor sensor is the culprit. I wouldn't get too excited about that. The analog sensor that is used on that engine is not known to be the most accurate device.

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Thanks for the reply Larry.  I have never had any engine noise or alarm or low oil pressure indicator on the digital readout while running.  I have had a low oil pressure reading on the digital display on start up just for a second.  I have purchased a new sensor but have not installed it. Tried to loosen sensor saturday but was pretty tight and did not want to break to tube that goes into the block that support both the pressure gauge sensor and oil Pressure light sensor.  In your opinion is it best to try and take the whole assembly out of the block and then disassemble and reassemble on the bench and reinstall? Any tech help would be appreciated.  Thanks Kerry

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If you can get the whole assembly out of the block and disassemble at the work bench that would be safest. That tube is brass so it may be a bit fragile.



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Be careful, when mine started to leak the whole thing had to be removed in pieces.  On the plus side the easy out worked great to get the brass adapter out without damage to the block. 

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Thanks to all on this topic.  I thought that taking the whole assembly out would probably be the safest.  Kerry

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I just replaced my oil pressure switch. It failed and was beeping. While taking it out I did break the brass piece from the coupler to the brass T. Not a big deal. The coupler was attached to a threaded reducer in the block which just wrenched out. Like stated above a trip to the auto part store to replace. I should have done both the switch and the sensor at the same time. My guage is now fluctuating more than before. I am hesitant now because I don't want to break the coupler taking it out again. Add it to the list of off season jobs.

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