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2011 - 247 Half Throttle

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Hi crew, I have a 2011 247 wakestter with the supercharged LSA engine in it, all of a sudden I only have half throttle. as i move the throttle it works normally till about half, then the second half gives me nothing. I am thinking its a problem with the throttle (ski1000.7 part number) has anybody had an issue like this? 


engine temp, oil pressure are in normal operating range. no codes are thrown in the active or inactive codes. So I'm leaning towards its not in limp mode.




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9 minutes ago, jbower said:

Rpm normal when at 25 mph?

i believe so! feels normal at 25mph just takes a long time to get there

7 minutes ago, minnmarker said:

Rpm limited if you rev engine in neutral?

there is no neutral switch on the shifters anymore! is there a way to rev it up and keep tranny in neutral?



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19 minutes ago, minnmarker said:

Rpm limited if you rev engine in neutral?

I figured which wires to pull off tranny to rev engine in neutral, engine revs to 5000 like there is nothing wrong. I am stumped!

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a few questions:

prop damage?
is it cavitating?
any abnormal vibrations?
did you check the bilge for extra water?

I'm dealing with some similar behavior, but it's my prop cavitating from too much ballast for the pitch. I have no difference between 75% and 100% throttle, but I have more bubbles behind the boat so I'm fairly sure it's cavitation. You may have some (minor) prop damage that you didn't notice previously. If you have a spare prop I would suggest changing props and see if the behavior changes; if you're spare is an identical model this is a very relevant test. If you don't have a spare then you might try to "borrow" a prop from a friend or your dealer; once again, try to get the same prop to test with so it's an apples-to-apples comparison.

The loss of power could also be a number of engine & fuel related items: clogged fuel filter, fuel pump pressure issues, fouled spark plugs, old/bad plug wires, and a very common problem recently is clogged injectors. Checking fuel rail pressure is another good place to start. Search for a thread on clogged injector cleaning (I'll link it later, I have to get my kids to bed now) but there is a member who had his injectors cleaned for ~$200 and it fixed a bunch of performance issues...

Here's the link:


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added link to injector cleaning thread
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well I figured I would post an update, Might help someone in the future. Turns out my supercharger failed. The main shaft that turns the screws broke. There is no boost sensor on these motors so no code were thrown at all. 

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