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Hours, year, and engine in your 'Bu


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So I hear constantly that inboards only go 800-900 hours max before major engine issues.  I'm curious what the crew experiences have been.  I'm at 650 hours on a 350 Monsoon 23LSV 2007.  How many hours do you have on your boat? What engine? What boat?  How about past boats?    Just curious what experiences people have had.

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Curious where you are hearing that from?  I sure hope it isn't true.  My 2014 has 225 hours on it.

I honestly don't remember the last time that I heard about an engine failure that wasn't related to improper maintenance (read lack of proper winterization).


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I have read given a good maintenance routine 2500-3000 hours is not uncommon. I hope so, I am at 622 now with nary a glitch from the internals. Regular 50 hour oil changes with no out of the ordinary oil consumption. Maybe a 1/4 qt of oil doing 90% surfing. 

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201 Hours on my 22 year old 1994 Echelon.  350 Mag Tournament Ski EFI.


not a single thing has happened outside normal maintenance and impellers/raw water pump housings.  does not burn a drop of oil.... have never added oil in between oil changes.


I know it's low hours.... but the boat is 22 years old!!! I'm not the original owner, not sure if he/she ever used the boat.... probably kept it in his/her garage and stared at it from time to time.... he/she did wax it a lot... judging from the 10 layers of wax i stripped off the gelcoat near the swim platform that had turned all the black gel white.  I've owned it for almost 10 years now.

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On July 28, 2016 at 10:40 PM, ChainSetter said:

So I hear constantly that inboards only go 800-900 hours max before major engine issues.  I'm curious what the crew experiences have been.  I'm at 650 hours on a 350 Monsoon 23LSV 2007.  How many hours do you have on your boat? What engine? What boat?  How about past boats?    Just curious what experiences people have had.

I have a 2013 23LSV with 350 monsoon.  I have changed oil and filter religiously at 50 hour intervals and just changed plug, wires, rotor and cap at 1050 hours and now have 1130 hours(coming up in the 5th oil change this season). I have installed new actuators for wedge and surfgate at 600 and 980 hours respectively. I had to replace vdrive output seal and will this winter replace the drip less seal. All in all I am really pleased with my boat! Unless you abuse it, I've read they should go to 3000 hours. In 4 years I'll let you know, LOL. Have a fun and safe boating season and don't worry about it! All the best...

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10 minutes ago, Pnwrider said:

Maintenance is more of a factor than hours. I would choose a higher hour boat with good maintenance records over a lower hour boat with questionable or no maintenance... 

What he said!!  ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

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I have a 2001 LSV with 900 hrs on a monsoon 325

my buddy has the same boat with 1200 hours all with basic maintenance. 

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I had 1100+ hours on my '93 Echelon when I sold it. I had the carb rebuilt, replaced the heads once, replaced the head gaskets twice, replaced the bushings on the distributor shaft, replaced the starter, replaced the thermostat, rebuilt the cooling check valve, changed the oil & filter regularly, replaced the impeller annually, and tried to keep up with the teak swim deck maintenance but bought a replacement one after the orig blew apart during a high speed run with the wedge up but a bit too much weight in the boat.

I had 500+ on my '02 when I sold it two years ago and I saw it this last weekend still running strong with no major maintenance.

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after two recent very slow seasons i just spun 1700 hours on my 2004 response.

new flex-plate and a very small wiring failure that would shut her down unexpectedly.

close to, but not quite bullet-proof.

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2014 VTX, 350 Monsoon.  Purchased as a new holdover less than a year ago.  55 hours.

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not a 'bu, but my '88 supra with a pcm 351 has almost 1300 hours and doesn't use a drop of oil between changes.  still runs great other than a slight tick from one of the exhaust manifolds that needs a new gasket.  just normal maintenance since i've owned it, though i did have the carb rebuilt this spring and replaced the points/cap/rotor/wires/plugs. 

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2012 VTX 350 Monsoon 203 hours

2004 Response LXI Black Scorpion 350  800+ hours


I'd expect to get 1500 hours easily out of the engines under normal usage, time will tell what loading them down with ballast and chugging at 6MPH does for longevity

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2003 vlx, 460 hours, no issues. Routine maintenance.  This is our 7th season with it and I have only put on 190 hours on it.  Too much baseball the last few years.  We do split time with my buddy's boat some.

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2006 vlx with monsoon 340.  Right now at 330 hours, it had 175 when we bought it 4 years ago.  We haven't had any issues in the time we've had the boat.  Probably not a lot of hours will be going on the rest of this summer since my wife just had our second son last week.

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94 echelon: 1800+ hours (had a new computer put in along the way). Mercruiser 350 mag efi

2005 vlx: bought with 1029 hours and put almost 100 on this year.   monsoon 340

rotella and atf are super cheap change your oil!!! Buy an oil buddy to make it easy on yourself and aquarium tubing for the tranny and v drive  

you better not jinx any of us with high hours in this thread, we will find you!!!

a new engine is 3-4 grand and takes a weekend max to put in so if you find a high hour boat you like for that much less than a low hour boat (and it seems cared for) I would say pull trigger  


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My 14 24MXZ had 230 hours on LS3, when it went away last July.  MY 15 24MXZ has 120 hours on LSA.

I suspect with proper maintenance 2000+ hours would be possible.  I plan to swap at 750 or warranty expiration which ever comes first

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I have an 00 23 LSV with 785 hours.. she runs like a top and fires every time. Stay on the maintenance and she will last you forever. These aren't Mercs that go out 1200-1500 hours. you should see 2500-3000 consistent. Mailbu is a well built brand.   

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I heard it from a number of people mainly based on the fact that these boats turn such high rpms constantly, especially at speed from lake to lake. Not to mention its been nickel and dimeing me to death lately on somewhat small stuff. With that said this thread is certainly making me feel better. Love to see more people's experiences here. Thanks

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