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Dumb power wedge question

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We typically ski and do some beginner wakeboarding behind out VTX, so the only time the wedge had ever been down was end of last season when I either accidentally hit a preset with a wedge position or somehow hit the wedge down button.  After a frightening ski run and figuring out what was going on I put the wedge back up.  Looked all the way up to me anyways.  Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, my son wanted to try out some wedge so we fiddled with it a while and found a setting he liked.  I put the wedge all the way back up and then notice that I seem to have a whole lot more acceleration than I used to and my top speed is now a few mph higher.

I guess my assumption was that the wedge display would have told me if the wedge was not 100% up (couldn't have been more than a tiny bit down).   How does that silly thing work, and is there a way to tell if it is 100% up or do you need to just lean on the button a little extra long to make sure.

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I have a '14 VTX and sometimes I feel like the wedge does not fully stow. When this happens (could just be my perception based on graphical display, but not actually occurring) I deploy the wedge and re-stow it. This is occurring regardless of how long I hold the button.

I can say for certain that one time after we pulled the boat out of the water I noticed it was a few inches from fully stowed - yet I never got an alarm. 

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I guess I'll have to pay closer attention and put a sticker or a mark on the wedge bracket so that I can tell if it is all the way up.  I'm under there every time we use the boat dealing with the plug, just surprised that what had to have been a small amount down made the difference it did.  Funny thing is that I didn't notice anything on the ski wake or pull up until yesterday when the pull up was a lot quicker.  Even before yesterday it pulled up quicker than the 04 LXI I ski behind .

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The wedge to display is kinda like an approximation. Lol.  If we feel that our wedge is not quite where it needs to be we cycle it full up and down a couple of times to reset it, while at idle speed.    If your not moving above a certain mph your wedge won't move to the desired setting. So if you hit stow or full up and your sitting still it won't  stow or if it's stowing  and you drop below a certain mph it will stop moving. 

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The wedge will go down when the boat is not moving.  You must be going at least 2.8 mph for the wedge to move up.  I hope this helps.  We have an '06 Wakesetter and '13 Wakesetter with surfgates, and it is the same on both boats.

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My wedge seems to sink down from full stow position all the time. Recycle puts it back up. Usually notice it while foiling and see a lot of water splashing under the platform.

What is the top speed at which it can be lowered from stowed position?

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I'd love to know the answer to dalt1's question -- I was frustrated last night to get the wedge stowed while under power.  Invariably, when trying to pull a skier after wakesurfing or wakeboarding, we patiently wait to drain the ballast, load the appropriate skier's preset (which includes a stowed wedge), get the skier in position, HIT IT, skier gets up and we forgot to get the wedge stowed.  All first-world problems -- but it made me wonder at what max speed the wedge could be stowed.  I didn't kill the ski set, but managed to provide a decent pull in spite of having the wedge deployed.  Clearly, I need to make a short run after draining the ballast and before putting the skier in the water.

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