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What product to use to clean water line stain on hull?

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I had to float my boat in the lake (clean lake) for 5 days and when I put it up on the lift today there's a stain from the water line down. After only 5 days! It's a white hull that's turned light brown at the bottom. I tried using Hot Sauce and it removed some of the stain but not all of it.

Does anyone have knowledge of what product I need to use to get the hull clean again?


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I agree with chris. I've found that Sno Bol works best. Wear gloves. Be careful not to let it get on your trailer because it might discolor it, and it will certainly strip wax away.  I use an old cloth, get it damp, and then apply the Sno Bol to the cloth and spread it around the affected area. Leave it sit for several minutes and then hose away with fresh water. For harsher stains, it might take another application or leave it on there longer. No need to scrub - it will do all the work.

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50% vinegar/water for water spots, just started doing that, appears to work. (Black hull)  Have been using babes detail spray and some automotive detail spray, just to put something on it.  on my old boat, (white hull) we would keep it in the water for our week long vacations, pulling it out to leave, there was never a stain that would not wipe off.  Lucky me I guess.

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And I think it should be said that a good coat of wax before going into the water for an extended period will make it much more difficult for these sorts of stains to stick.  

I have been of the opinion that having a good wipe down cleaner is nice, but when my boat is waxed regularly, I pretty much could just wipe it down with a dry towel and have it look just as good.  

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Slimy grimy, or just go to wal mart and get hull cleaner. Put it in a spray bottle, wet the hull down, spray that on and wash it off.

We boat on a river and I deal with this every Sunday, and I don't even leave my boat in the water overnight!!

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