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2011 VTX and Mission Delta - Surf setup tips


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My Mission Delta arrived and I finally had a chance to put it on the boat this past weekend.  After a few hours of use I was happy with the purchase and definitely noticed a difference.  I need to spend more time playing with my setup though to get the wake just right.  I'm wondering what others are doing.  Any tips on how far back or forward to place the Delta.  I had mine as far back as I could on my 2011 VTX.

I got the best wake with stock Front, Left and Center Ballast at 100% full and a 750' fat sack in the left locker about 75% full.  Wedge set full down (0%).  I know the Mission site says you don't need to list the boat but I didn't get enough push without the list.

I originally tried just all ballast tanks full with wedge full down and had a good wake, but the push wasn't that strong yet.  I then filled the fat sack in the locker while still keeping the right ballast full and things improved.  After emptying the right ballast, I had the best wake.

I am thinking of installing the Wakemakers piggyback system in both lockers.  They provide 650' bags and am curious to what people think will happen if I had the 650's in each rack locker and what that would do to the wake vs. listing to one side.

No doubt about it that the Delta cleaned up the wake and felt like it gave it more height and some more length.  I spent most of the time driving for the kids on a busy boating weekend so couldn't get much time to just observe.  Hopefully tonigh.

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I have the delta on my 23LSV and though its a bigger boat, I have had to play around with it quite a bit.  First off, I stick it about 6 inch forward of the back corner.  I tried further up and nearly at the hull curve and noticed this is the best position.  Also, I keep it almost entirely submerged at idle speed. 

We run full MLS, and both 750's full in the rear lockers, wedge all the way down.  The wave is strong, and we occasionally put a 400LB bag on the floor when there is just a few of us in the boat (we rarely have a big crew).  At 10.2-10.6 we have seen the best results.  I've tried going faster as Mission suggests, but I couldn't not find a clean wave, and I prefer steeper to longer.  I'm going to play around with letting some water out of the right locker as most people are suggesting. 

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Follow up to my original post.  As for speed I found that 10.8 seemed to be the best.  My daughter who's about half my weight preferred 10.6.  Prior to having the Delta I used to run between 11.2 and 11.4.

Saxton15 - I'm assuming you are placing the rear suction cup 6" forward of the back corner or are you placing the back edge of the delta 6" forward of the back corner?  I had the top of the Delta as high on the side of the boat as I could basically a 1/2" below the slant in the hull just under the Malibu name.  That appeared to put the Delta about 4"-6" below water while surfing.


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I should have specified.  The back suction cup about 6'' forward from the back corner.  My delta sits almost completely submerged, you can faintly see the top of it.  Maybe I should put it higher as underway it would sit lower. 

I don't get how the delta would work backwards.  Wouldn't the pressure catch it and make it fall off?

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