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2016 Ballast backwards

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A close friend just got a new LSV (2016) and is having some issues.  It's a long list for a new boat and thanks to the crew I think we can get through most already.  The one I've not seen a question about, or a fix is his ballast appears to be backwards, Selecting the left pump to fill, fills the right and vice versa.  I don't know where there would be a setting in the system, so it sounds like it's wired backwards.  can anyone help identify the wires and where the connection might be to fix the problem?  

He's also had:

  • Speedometer not functioning properly,
  • Aux port on stereo only playing on half the speakers
  • USB ports not functioning with stereo
  • Surfgates not working at all

And that's what he's found in 1 day!

I'm sure there will be some other minor things over the next few days but until these things are fixed I'm not even sure if he's going to keep the boat!  I'm sure that they can all be fixed (and most issues are due to improper setup on delivery).  Afterwards, I'm sure you'll see him as a member of TMC!


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On the OEM pumps the wires should be brown and blue at least on mine they are. The fill pumps will be through hulls with hoses running from the pump to the tank and the drain pumps will be attached to the aft side of the tanks with an 90 deg elbow. The front and center fill pumps will be under  the floor hatch to left of the drivers seat, unless of course they have moved the pumps somewhere else. The center tank pumps are both within a foot of each other in that same area so quite possibly that could be what happened. Both of my rear drain and fill  pumps are a good 4' from each other, so a little harder to cross also, but I am not familiar with the newer boats set ups. This does sound like the most likely scenario.

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Look behind the amp rack for the set of aux rca's, I bet you only one is connected. Mine had the same problem. Tape up all the connections while you're back there. The USB will only play music off a thumb drive and only the one in glove box. The other ones are only charging points. 


You ou can go into the setting on the mtc and try calibrating the speedo and the surf gates. Surf gates don't open till above 7mph

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I took delivery on a 2016 23lsv in August of 2015, and I had a laundry list of things not set up as well. 

1. Rear portside ballast didn't drain. 2. There was no surfband module. One had to be ordered and installed.  3. Battery 1 wouldn't hold a charge. 4. Oil filter clamp broke and engine was leaking oil. 4. Swim platforms lights not working. 5. Small airpocket in hull gelcoat and another inside below seats. 6. Upholstery seams stitching coming undone or not completely tight. The boat was in the shop a lot for its first 50 hours, but we have put another 50 hours on it without any further problems. My dealer did a good job getting these things taken care of although they probably think I am a pain.

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We were on the boat all weekend and if this was my first Malibu, it may have been my last!  The real issue is they spent $100K+ and the issues are what I'd expect from a boat that was 10 years old and worth $25K.  I know that new boats will have more problems than new cars, but the primary systems, Engine, surf gate, stereo should all work as advertised.

I was able to fix a few things, and make a few work arounds, here's the current list of issues:

1. we had to recalibrate the surf gate every 3-5 pulls or it wouldn't engage.  We were only successful in trying to ATTEMPT switching sides 2 times.  Every other time, the gates wouldn't deploy.

2. There's an O2 sensor error SPN:3266, that the dealer hasn't been able to fix.

3. The dealer didn't really do much of a walk through with them on the various systems (when surf gate or the power wedge reply or retract).  That also cause a lot of confusion and frustration.


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