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Mission Delta - Slipping


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I got to try out my Mission Delta for the first time yesterday and was very pleased with it. I have a 2005 VLX and it was by far the best surf wake I've ever been able to create. We only had 3 people total and still had an awesome wave. I put a 750 in the walk through and an 1100 across the back (in front of the rear seat) with the wedge down. I need to get 2 more 750's so I can put the ballast in the lockers (besides the one in the bow) or another 1100. I used to only have to weight one side, hence the one 1100 lbs sac :)

The only issue I had with the Delta was setting it up, especially when switching sides. It took a lot of manipulating to get the suction cups to create a strong suction, especially if the surface was wet. If the suction wasn't strong enough, the unit would just slide back and actually slid off at one point. There was no rhyme or reason as to how/when the suction would create, regardless of what I did. I tried pressing it hard, drying the area, suctioning it up higher then sliding it down, etc. Once it stuck, it was solid, but getting it there sometimes took quite a while.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make this process easier? I feel like I was doing something wrong because the unit worked very well once I got it set.

The Delta is definitely a game changer for anyone with an older boat. It was worth every penny, in my opinion.

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Remove the wax from your boat.  Should help quite a bit.   But just the area where the Delta is going.

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Try spitting on it.


As mentioned above, make sure you clean the area well. Also push the delta against the boat hard before you secure the suction cups.

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I went through this with mine.  There is definitely a technique to getting it to stick the first time.  I usually dunk it first, then press it in, lock the tabs, then wiggle it a bit to make it shift back.  This process usually makes it hold tight.  

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I also have an 05 VLX, did you also have all your hard tanks full?  (I would assume you did)  Also, is it me, or does that seem like a lot of extra weight in the boat.  I run a 750 in my rear locker(port).  and sometimes another 750 in my starboard rear locker.  I am considering putting a 1000 on the floor in front of the rear seat, would you recommend this?  We created our own "suck gate" ($45) and it seems to really clean up the wave and does not slip.   We can surf without the rope but I want to make it better.  Also, was having the wedge down helpful?  I tried bot ways and it didn't seem to matter.  Any help wold be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Once you get more weight @Fred4 you are going to want the wedge down. The wave will lack push without it. If you are on the lighter side you might like it though. I regularly run 4000+ pounds ballast in my 05 with no issues.

if the mission still gives you hell @BowThruster just build a suck gate :) 

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I have an '11 VLX and experienced the same sliding off at first. You definately have to experiment with it. Spend five days up in lake Makatawa MI over the 4th. Boat was in the water those five days and it needed cleaning where the delta went each day. Seems if I rub the area with my hand first, then slightly jiggle the Delta around, then, with the levers in, squeeze it to the hull, then levers up, squeeze again, then levers down. After a while if you try and move it, you can tell if it is going to stay. 

I think each boat is different to find the wake that works the best, as well as people have different preferences as well with speed, etc.

I've found if I fill all factory ballasts, then my two 750's in the back is my favorite, at about 10.5mph. It seems with the wedge down, the boat struggles more. I like it up.

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Definitely push it as hard as you can to the hull first, then close the clips.  Give it a slight up/down push and another from bow to stern.  Since using this technique, mine has never come off. 


I ended up creating my own pre-set for the delta. 

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just waxed and sealed my boat and just received the delta wake shaper, it slides off easy! Gonna try to remove the wax in that area and see if that helps 

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