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23 LSV 16' - PNP rear, reversible pump front bag - SETUP QUESTIONS


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Hey Crew,

Second post on the MC forum after months of reading and re reading a massive range of topics on this site.

Coming up Aug 1 - 5, after many years of using other bu's and various wake boats my family and i are taking delivery of our own 2016 23LSV and I'm preparing the ballast system i would like to install in the boat.

Initially by first thought was (MORE IS MORE) so i was going to go for the full IXFE three independent pumps and fully plumbed in. Unfortunately two realities kicked in

1. More Money

2. Australia is a looooooooooooog way away so essentially double 1.

So I've landed on plug and play install (has to be installed at dealer as Malibu Australia do not provide as purchasing option) for the rear two bags and a reversible pump for the bow bag.

Setup so far:

1 x Fly High Open Bow Sac - 1000lbs

- Obviously having a reversible pump means single fill / drain line. (Im more than likely going to vent this front bag as well)

2 x Wake Makers Rear LBS Ballast Bags - 40L x 25W x 20H - 820LB - Bags Vented


My questions around this setup are as follows


1. As much i would like the speed of  3 reversible pumps, what is the current fill / drain time for rear bags of that size?

2. Ballast switch for the bow bag. Does this have to be one of those rocker switches? These are hard to come by with the ballast writing on them in Aus so i was thinking of going fancy and have two of these LED switches (one for fill and one for drain)  http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Switch-Push-Button-Latching-12v-19mm-Blue-LED-Stainless-Steel-WITH-PLUG-/271977573211?hash=item3f53206b5b:g:L6oAAOSw0JpV6vqJ if consensus on here says its not possible ill have to spend the $90 bucks on getting the johnson reverse polarity switch.

3. Bag size - Am i on a winner for those bag sizes? Ive read on here that at some stage the bags filled more than 820lb and then i think i read somewhere that Wagemakers intentionally "crippled" the bags. I don't really mind either way i would just like a kick a** surf wave so if im in need of changes please tell me. I have been recommended sizes varying from 750 - 1000lbs. There will most of the time be only 4 - 6 adults in boat.

4. Plug and Play - how many fill / drain / vents lines are there? If I'm ordering through wake makers i need to order the air release plug for any spare ports and if we are looking at 1 x fill 1 x drain and 1 x vent for each bag thats 3 ports taken up leaving 2 left meaning i should order 4 plugs for the two bags.

Many thanks to all people on this forum it has given me much entertainment, knowledge and now hopefully all of that will fruit into one kick a** 23LSV.


Cheers Guys!


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the PNP pumps will be fine.  Probably 7-8 minutes to fill.  Not excruciating.

Your switch needs to handle 20a and be able to reverse polarity.  I don't think the switch you linked does that.

I wouldn't vent the bow triangle.  Just keep it simple.  Fill and drain through the hose and keep an eye on it.

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The stock pnp works great for me, the only thing I would do differently is go with the wake makers custom bags, vs.my sumo 900's. But at the time I was just buying a new boat and had to punch a few pennies.

keep the stock PNP for now and just do the  1 bow reversible.

(unless you are saying the 1 bow reversible and bag runs you $1800, and in that case . Ouch. That a tough one to swallow 

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