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Ideas for moving boat back while still on the trailer?

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I am installing a GSA system (Go Surf Assist/WakeMakers Wave Control) and discovered that while my boat is on the trailer the carpeted bunks that the boat sits on are sticking out about 2" past the boat, right where I need to be drilling and installing the tabs.  I need to move my boat back about 2-3" and am trying to prevent having to drive to the lake to float the boat back.  Any ideas on how I can slide it back?  I was thinking of using a come along tool, hooked to the two eyelets that I use to strap the boat down to the trailer on the transom.  Anyone know if these are strong enough to allow the boat to be pulled from them for a brief period of time?  It's an 08 23' LSV

Thanks in advance.

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I would not use the eyelets to drag the hull back, they puny go through the transom with a small plate inside.

use a See saw effect.

Pun hook both the rear & front tie points of the boat to the trailer.

Drop the front of the trailer down to the ground on a low jack, the jockey wheel will not go low enough.

block the rear of the hull right at the back of the transom, spread the load over a decent area, I used car stands either side of the prop guard with a 8"x3" sleeper off cut between the stands under the hull as close to the rear so I could to pick up the strength of the transom.

raise the front of the trailer, use the jockey wheel once high enough to raise higher as the jack may have run out of travel. Could use the jockey wheel to hold the position while you reposition & block the front jack to go higher.

Chock the front of the hull in a similar manner to the rear, may get away with one stand under the front keel. I cut a V in another block of hardwood to put in top of the front stand. Lower the front of the trailer.

the hull should now have 2-3" clearance to allow the trailer to be rolled forward till you hit the stands.

will have to position the stands in the first place to allow the trailer to move forward a little.

slow process & with the trailer remaining under the hull, won't have to worry about it falling.

i used this method with stacks of pallets down the sides to completely remove my trailer for a rebuild project last winter down under

hope this helps

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Awesome.  Thanks for the ideas.  I actually just need to create a little space so I can install the trim tabs and run the calibration.  Just jacking up the rear of the boat a couple inches should be good enough for the install then I can put it back down.

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It's your call to use the stern eyes or not, I know my boat was lifted off the delivery trailer using them, here's the picture:

I would suggest getting a long tow strap and finding a huge tree, wrap the tow strap around the tree and fasten it to the stern eyes, loosen the bow winch on the trailer, and slowly pull the truck and trailer forward. The tree shouldn't move if you found one big enough and the boat will slide back on the bunks on your trailer.

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I had to move my 21 LSV beginning of the year to drop the rudder.  Try to pull straight or at an upwards angle but do not pull downwards at all or it will not work.  No big trees in my yard so we attached the come along to my buddy's truck hitch with a tow strap and the come along, 20+ ft between back of boat and truck.  Come along was not enough. Ended up having to put tension on the back then push and rock from the front. Repeat 4-5 times and we moved back a couple inches which is what I needed.  We did use the loops on the transom to pull from. 

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Do at your own risk... but loosen the winch and the rear tie downs a bit start backing the boat up and slam the brakes on.  This should get it to move. I have used this method to get it to slide up on the bunks just not back as that is a tad sketchy. 

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If you can get a cherry picker, you can just lift the transom using the eyelets suggested above.  The bunks are dry so you will scuff the gel by sliding it using the brake method.  You only need to get some of the weight up to be able to move it. 

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I'd either do what Andrew63 says or take it to the launch or to a dealer who has the proper equipment. There is NO WAY I'd try to drag the boat around without lifting it off the trailer. The cost of problem is waay higher than the inconvenience of doing it without risk.

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okay so I undid the rear straps, loosened the bow strap a couple clicks then locked it.  Found a steep hill in my neighborhood, rolled backwards, slammed on the brakes and viola!  Boat slid back about 2".  In case anyone needs ideas in the future!


Thanks for all the advice.

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