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2001 Malibu Vlx alternator dead

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Hey guys I am pretty sure I have a dead alternator. It's on a 2001 Malibu Vlx. I'm kinda in a pinch and was wondering if I could put an auto alternator in or if I need to order a marine version. If I need a marine version could you point me to which one to buy on the bakes website. Hopefully I can get one overnighted tomorrow if an auto alternator won't work and my weekend won't be ruined. Also if I do need a marine alternator, do you recommend upgrading the alternator? I am running 2 batteries on a perko switch. Thanks in advance guys!





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Whatever you do, it needs to be a marine alternator. Look for the code number J1171 on the alternator which indicates that it is a marine alternator and spark protected. If you go to a higher output alternator, make sure the charge wire that carries current to the battery is sized adequately for the output of the new alternator.

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The size of the alternator depends on what those 2 batteries have to power. If you have a high watt stereo, a higher output might be necessary. If you only have regular house circuits with a small to medium stereo, the stock output is fine.

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Here is the replacement for the stock alternator.  The output on the stock one is very piss poor.  It does an ok job of running accessories but you have to be careful.  I can't fill 3 ballast and run the stereo at the same time off this alternator. 


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Thanks guys with the help. I think I might have found the culprit and would like to know what you guys think. So I took the access panel out of the right rear locker and was trying to find a part number. I didn't find a part number but what I did find was there the orange wire connects to the harness was burn and hanging on by like 3 threads of wire. I just got it spliced up correctly and was wondering if that could be the problem why the alternator wasn't really working.


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Yes that's probably why it wasn't working, but it is probably fried now. Either take it off and have it tested, or simply re splice and start motor and test with a volt meter. I would be suspicious of what caused it to burn up though. if you get a voltage spike it could fry electronics. On my 2000 my orange alternator wire was ran straight to the breaker. I would check yours and if that is the case. Make a new (and larger gauge) wire and run over to starter positive wire. If you go with a higher amperage alternator this is a must do as well as matching the ground wire to the larger size wire as well. I just added a 105 amp, and used 4 gauge wire. 

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