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Anyone ridden a Phase 5 Fireball or the Phase 5 Race


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Curious if anyone has ridden a Phase 5 Fireball a Phase 5 Race?

I am currently riding a Phase 5 Hammerhead 53" and love it but wanting to start riding surf style sometimes.  The fireball is a hybrid and the Race is pure surf.  

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The Race is awesome. It is really easy to ride...it cuts and carves well and it is fast. Lean forward and it goes forward then put weight towards the rear and it will slow down. It is also real easy to throw around. I am starting to get some air.

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We're demoing the Fireball tomorrow. Will post results. Also, before I bought the Race I had a LF Machine, CWB Bentley, Ronix Kaol Powertail...NONE of those boards were anythng compared to the Race. I don't think I will need to buy another board for a long time. My son loves the Model X, but he wants to try the Fireball tomorrow. 

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Rode the Phase 5 Race today. 

First ride I was over correcting because the board was getting there faster than I was used to on my Phase 5 Oogle and Phase 5 Prop. It's pretty loose if you just throw it around. You've almost got to steer it with your front foot. Put the front where you want it and the rear gets there in a hurry. The big fins in the back make it stick and go. On the second ride I slowed it down a bit and rode it easily. After a few runs up the wave you get the hang of it. The board is very forgiving and will bring you back from places that would've ended your ride with slower boards. The board is fast anywhere on the wave. Just point & shoot!

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The Fireball is an easy board to ride with the big fins in the back. It is not as fast as the Race, but it is shaped to do tricks.. It is a hybrid, but does ride more like a skim. If you can spin and plan on doing 360's, 720's and the like, this will be a good board. The Race is more of a surf board, but it will do just about anything you want it to do. 

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