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Which Malibu for rough water

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I haven't been on here in a long time, but have started to look around for a newer boat.  I usually only buy new but I'm not able to use my boat as much as I would like and I think there is some decent savings to buying a 1-3 year old boat.

I have a 21vlx now and would like to go with something bigger, not a huge fan of the MXZ boats over the LSVs but buying used obviously I can't be near as picky.  With that said beteween the new 22VLX, the 23LSV, and the 22MXZ.  which one will have the best rough water ride?


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I have no experience with LSV and MXZ but according to what you can read on the forum and feedback I got, MXZ are the worst for rough water. But maybe I m wrong as I have no experience


but it looks like LSV will be the best, then VLX, then MXZ. 

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The MXZ is slightly heavier but it will have more bow weight than the LSV or VLX.  Usually for the best rough water ride bigger and heavier is the ticket but these are all wake boats and not really made for big water. 

Where do you boat?  If it's that big have you considered a 24+ footer?

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11 minutes ago, Gavin17 said:



Have you ever seen a MC X80? Some have twins. :whistle:

Used to have one and it was much better in big water than the VLX, Just not near as practical.  

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Lol, so I got curious.  The X80 dry weight is 1770 lbs heaver than an M235.

I've never seen an X80 in person but I have been inside a M235.  They're enormous. 

Does the MXZ have a flatter hull than an LSV? 

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5 hours ago, Gavin17 said:

Does the MXZ have a flatter hull than an LSV? 

 I am going by the pictures on the Malibu site. The MXZ is more of a W shape than a V, and my experience has been that type of front design is a harder ride in rough water. I "assume" it is because there is more surface area hitting the water. where a V will cut through. 

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I asked almost the same question a few months ago when I was shopping... 

I ended up buying a 24 MXZ...   The bow is a little heavier, but the running surface that actually hits the water when the boat is moving faster than 5 mph is virtually the same as a standard pointed bow.  I boat mostly on Lake St Clair which can get pretty rough in the open water, plus I frequently have to deal with wakes from 40-50 foot yachts.  We have been out a lot already this year with the new boat and I can certainly attest to the fact that the pickle fork MXZ bow really helps a TON at knocking down the bow spray and keeping you dry running in rough water.   Both myself and my wife (who often complained about the ride in our 30' sea ray) have been really impressed with how our MXZ has handled the choppy water.  I actually found that adding some weight to the middle ballast tank helps smooth it out even more as long as you keep the cruising speed under control.  

Additionally I really am glad I went with the MXZ... I think at slow speeds the additional area and buoyancy of the MXZ bow has saved me from stuffing the nose at least once when I was trying to negotiate rough water in a no wake zone where I couldn't use much throttle to keep the bow up...

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I went to mb sports, thing chops thru chop like butter.  I can turn right into my surf roller and not even be close to taking water over the nose, not that I do that but I did test it.  It's also a Better surf boat.  Won't have the plush feeling the bu's have but its a dope boat regardless.

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