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Delta Wakesurf -Quick attach surf gate; wow!

Arctic Slalom

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Yesterday, memorial day, I'm on lake with (3) kids. 

First time taking out the Malibu for the season.  Our lake cabin is in NW Minnesota. We are completing construction of new cabin, so tons of projects still underway (keeping me off the water). 

My son & daughter were surfing and between sets a guy approached us in a Red Centurion and asked us about surfing. 

This is a little bit odd, because the ratio of pontoons; fishing boats, inboards is about 50; 20; 1 (basically zero surfers).  

Turns out, the guy is Mark (mechanical engineer & product developer) with Mission Boat Gear.  They are based out of the MSP area, but his family has a lake cabin on the same lake as our family in Vergas, MN. 

Anyway, he said he has a "prototype" Delta wake surf gate (with him in his boat) and he asked us if we want to try it out.  

Mission Delta

I was a little hesitant, but i figured why not. 

I was surprised how small and light it was.  So much easier than our "slurpee gate" contraption.  It floats and is only about 12-16" long. It's really light and easy to store. 

We have a 2004 Sunscape 21 LSV.  (2) 750's in back, 400 lbs. in locker and run it wedge down @ 10 MPH.  

Attached the gate awfully easily; it's got (2) big suction cups which hold it to the side of the boat (opposite side the surfer).  Think Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible with the suction cups.  

We ran bag bags about 3/4 full, wedge down, normal speed. 

My 16 year old had the "holy crap" look on his face once we started surfing.  I didn't have my phone with me, I didn't take pictures. 


My quick summary is this:

-Very easy to attach

-Suction cups are very strong

-Seems very durable, not to mention light  

-Wake is much longer & forgiving

-Much easier slow speed turning than Slurpee Gate 

-Wake still had good push

-Son did a quick 360 with great success

-Wake is really clean 


After about 15 minutes of use, we talked to Mark again (he wasn't in boat when we used it).  He asked us to take before/after wake videos from our boat (which we did). 

We gave him back the prototype, and my son was bummed.  My son talked about the Mission product all the way home (3 hour drive). 


BTW, I have zero affiliation with this company. 


Mark told me he would be up at the cabin again for 4th of July.  I'm thinking/hoping we can do before and after videos with more surfing where we compare the Delta gate to my home-brew gate. 




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@sidekick; yes, mark was hoping to upload videos to his website in the near future.  He shot with his iPhone. He said he wished he had his go pro. 

@95; yes, I will likely purchase one.  very well built. 


I'll eventually get a 23 with a home-built gate (martin archer controller), but for now, my 21 fits the bill nicely.  There is still something about going 36 with a slalom ski...  

My neighbor this weekend has his brother at the lake.  As soon as I pulled the Malibu out of the garage, the brother comes over to chat.  Turn out he has Malibu VTX with surf gate at his lake cabin in Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, he had to drive back to Madison, otherwise we could have surfed. 

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Wakemakers is not honoring TMC discount for Mission Delta preorders.  Free shipping Wakemakers.  $15 shipping Mission website.  $498 each place.  

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29 minutes ago, River Monsters said:

Wakemakers is not honoring TMC discount for Mission Delta preorders.  Free shipping Wakemakers.  $15 shipping Mission website.  $498 each place.  

They weren't interested in a group buy either. He's probably got one summer until there are Chinese copies. Might as well milk it I guess. 


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If anyone in Colorado has purchased this, I would be interested in paying you to check it out on my boat.  Trying to decide to keep my surf assist or turn the actuators & make a gate

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On June 1, 2016 at 3:39 PM, itznowonder said:

I pulled the trigger and bought one. Hope the end of June ship date speeds up real quick!

Me too brother. I ordered on the 13th of June. Chomping at the bit to throw it on the wakesetter 23lsv

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