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22 MXZ with 1939

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Hi All,

I think I know where this is going but I want to post my findings to make sure I'm not missing something. We took the MXZ out for the maiden voyage today. Didn't get a chance to get behind the boat but did play around with ballasts etc  

2012 22 MXZ, Acme 1939, L96, 750 PP's in the rear. 

Full MLS, Full PP, No Wedge, 2 adults, 2 Toddlers = Couldn't get past 10MPH

Seems the boat won't get on plane with anything more than just full Rear and Mid MLS w/ 50% Front, and No Wedge. This was with no rider behind the boat so at the end of the day you wouldn't be getting on plane with a rider and full MLS. Let alone any wedge (auto wedge should take care of that). The PP's are basically unusable with this prop. Does this seem right with the 1939? My guess is that the original owner had this as a spare and was likely running a 2313 or 2315 but kept it for his new boat. I know I'll need to invest in a different prop but first want to make sure I'm not missing something here. I do know that the wedge was fully stowed. 


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I'm going to change this thread up a bit. Upon further reading, the 1939 is for sure not the prop for us. I'm familiar with all of my options for props but I'm hoping to get some feedback from those who can speak from experience. I know that the 2313 and 2315 will be plenty sufficient for surfing and wakeboarding with our setup. We will however be doing some slalom (not a lot) and we are on a large lake. Although we won't need to be doing 40MPH + across the lake on our long runs, I'd like to be able to cruise around 30-32MPH without revving out the engine and burning through unnecessary amounts of fuel. So my question is, will the 1235 be enough for surfing and wakeboarding with full MLS and 750 PnP's in the rear? Although we'll be doing everything behind the boat, the primary use will be surfing. If it wasn't for the occasional ski and the constant long runs the answer would be obvious. We'll rarely have a full boat. Anything more than 8 would be rare and that would usually be half kids (lighter bodies).

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For what its worth, 2013 A22, 350, 1235 prop, 1700 ft, unweighted max speed is 40 mph.  Surf setup is full hard tanks (200s rear, 500 mid), 600s in rear, 950 arrow bag up front with wedge and between 4 and 8 people.  Will hold up to 14 mph but wont get on plane.  Usual surf rpm is 3200.

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