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97 sunsetter throttle sticking

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I have a 97 sslx with a 320 monsoon efi with prefect pass.  For some reason the throttle is really sticky.  The basic symptoms are the following. 

Lots of resistance getting past a speed of 30, and then it breaks loose and goes to full throttle.

When I pull back on the throttle it hirt a similar sticking point and drops 10 mIles an hour more or less.

Perfect pass seems to work fine so long as you don't ask it to work in this sticky range.  In this area it's unable to control the speed and the boat continues to accelerate.

I stuck my hand behind the panel to feel the throttle, and it seems like a relatively smooth motion.  

At the throttle body side I notice a large click as you pull the throttle back.

Any ideas.  I just managed to get my boat back in the water today.


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I would remove the PP linkage from the throttle linkage at the motor.  Just run with the normal boat linkage.  If the problem still exists, then you know it is likely a cable issue.  If the problem disappears, then I suspect your PP servo need to be replaced.

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On 7/2/2012 at 10:43 AM, dlowry81 said:

I figured it out and frankly I feel a little stupid.  Basically between the throttle arm and the spark arrestor there is like 3mm of clearance at the top of the arms swing.  There is also about 3.5 mm worth of gasket between the arrestor and the throttle body.  The gasket has expanded over time diametrically and if the arrestor is tightened too much it slips out and causes the slightest interference with the throttle arm.    I'm back in action.  If only managing the course was that simple...


Guys last weekend was my first time to go out in my new to me 1996 Malibu Sunsetter VLX with a Monsoon 320. I noticed that the throttle would get stuck around 30 mph and if you pushed hard enough it would free up and jump to 40 mph. When I opened the engine hatch I noticed that the fancy blue anodized part that the throttle cable pivots was rubbing the underneath of the spark arrestor at high center and by pushing hard enough with throttle it was basically freeing itself on the other side. Any one else have this happen? All the parts look stock.


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