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Problem with 2008 247 ballast set up


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 I get the ******* wave and i have 08 247 lsv.

I have 1100 surf side + stock ballast full in center and both rears and wedge down.. 1 time i filled the bow and we got swamped and the engine cut off when i was circling back around to pick up a fallen rider... wont let that happen again.

Any tips on what else i should be doing to get a good wave?

(specifics on what extra ballast i should buy would be awesome or if anybody else's bow rests this low to the water. I am a little concerned with it)



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before I got the mission gate and I was listing it was as follows....factory rear, center and bow full.  1100 in rear hatch, 400 filled as much as I could under back seat and 750 on top of cooler seats.  Wedge all the way down then up 2 clicks....that was goofy side.  Regular side same thing but I noticed wave got much better if I went 4-5 clicks up...almost to top of operating range.

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I have the same boat.  Before the skateboard ramp mod, I ran center, front and left full.  750 in left locker, 450 on the left seat and 450 in the aisle.  I occasionally took a wave over the front.  Not fun but more inconvienent than dangerous.

I have been MUCH happier with the skateboard ramp/Ronix wakeshaper, with about 4k in weight (see my thread).  The wave is better and the boat is much more stable.

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I surf regular. Factory mid, full, and only surf side rear. Dong sack full. (guessing 1600 lbs.) 500# of lead. 200 is in rear surf corner corner. 100# lead is in bow ( actually stored underneath floor by front ballast tank). 300# lead in observer's compartment. I use a 400# sack on the seat if it's just me and the wife, otherwise I can leave that one out.  

Get a similar weight setup, and then move passengers front or rear on surf side while surfing to dial it in.

I rarely take waves over the front.


Edit: 12.8 mph on the paddlewheel.

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My goofy set up, this is weight I use, people or sacs

bow, mid and surf side tank full, 250 in bow, 350 walkway, 350 behind drive on seat, 650 on rear corner seat, 900 in locker, wedge at the e, 11.8 on gps

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