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Question on MPG


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Hi everybody. I just pulled off on my way down to my lake. I have a 5x9 uhual ramp trailer filled with 2 sheets of osb, a small vanity and toilet and some pex plumbing odds and ends. In other words extremely light. 

I'm getting the exact same MPG or a little worse than I get when towing my 05 vlx. Which seems really odd. Maybe dual axel and better aerodynamics?

any ideas?

tow rig is an 07 suburban with the 5.3 AFM in 2 wheel mode of course. 

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That's about par for the course I've noticed with my Tundra.  It doesn't matter what size trailer/load I am pulling, gas mileage is the same.  Some of mine may be the utility trailers have tall gates on the back for loading which is probably a huge wind drag.

I frequently tow:

6'x12' utility trailer - 4wheeler or Ranger

6 or 7'x20' utility dual axle - tractor/bush hog

VLX on trailer

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Same here with my 05 Avalanche with the 5.3. Almost the exact same mileage if I'm towing the Vride or an ATV trailer..... around 10 or 11 mpg. Even though their like 2500 lbs difference. Something about the additional tires on the ground. About the only exception to this is driving directly into a big head wind or a up steep mountain pass..... then it dips down to 8 or 9 mpg. Luckily you make that up going down hill.

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I have a 11 f150 with the 5.0.  I normally get 12-13 towing my VLX, empty on the normal roads I get 19-20.  I towed a 16' dump trailer last weekend with 2000sq ft of sod (3000lb for the trailer plus at least another 6000lbs of sod), pulled it about 40 miles home from the farm and my mileage only dropped to a little over 10.  Al though I was going a bit slower with the dump trailer than I drive with the boat, I didn't get above 55, with the boat I'm usually 70 on the highway and 55 on normal roads.  The crazy thing is that on my old Dodge 1500 with 1 ton suspension I got the same mileage no mater what I did.  Empty with the cap on I would get 11, or with a 20' enclosed trailer with my friends whole house in it I still got 11.

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