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2006 VLX stock Anti Siphon locations, I can't find them


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Sorry to ask this question, but I just grabbed a new 1100 piranha pump and 1" anti siphon loop to replace my center ballast fill pump(I switched to a new cartridge last summer and noticed its filling while sitting) so I figured my anti siphon was busted.

Anyways I have looked up in observer seat compartment and under the dash and I can't find anything that looks like an anti siphon valve.

Am I looking in the wrong area?

Does anyone have pictures or could point me in the direction of where my factory anti siphon might be? I am wondering if I don't have one by chance.

If I don't have one where is the ideal spot to locate it for the center tank?


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Since the site is SO slow, I'll jump in here.  I know this does not apply if you already have holes in your hull or if you have aerator pumps.

I put in ballast pumps and tubing (3 reversable pumps - one for each of two rear locker bags and one shared between a bow bag and center ski locker bag) with a drain/fill line for each bag attached to the bottom of the bag and a vent line attached to the top.  After looking at lots of posts here and elsewhere, and knowing about siphoning and that water flows downhill, it became apparent that the higher I could get the vent outlets, the less problem I would have with siphoning.  So I did the unthinkable and put the vent outlets above the rub rail.  They are at the same level relative to the rub rail as the fuel tank vents and really do not look out of place.  I think a lot of the problems with siphoning come from trying to put the vent outlets too low and/or too far aft.  The purpose of an anti-siphon valve is to get an air inlet above the level of the water in the bag.  It is only necessary if the top of the bag is above the outlet. Since the highest you can get an anti-siphon valve is under the gunwale I just put the outlet at that height and skipped the valve.

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Well I found where it should be behind the sub in the heater box area and its just a loop made in the line and tied to the side of the wall. I guess malibu left it out of my 06!

Thanks for the help guys

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