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Is this site dying or is it just that time of the year?

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I've noticed the same thing. Not much fresh activity not that i contribute much to the mix. It could be that this is time of yr with lots of folks busy getting ready for their respective transition into summer vacations. Perhaps once summer starts we'll then hear more about such things as shirt-less men and boat ramp fights.

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Three responses in an hour... this is probably the hottest topic I've seen on TMC in the last month!

Yeah, the site feels very slow to me.  I could rattle off a dozen guys I never see here anymore.  Not sure why.

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Agree.  I spent a few days in the hospital last week after a procedure and was planning on spending some time on  here to kill time.  However the content has defintiely changed and there does not appear to be as much interesting or fun posting occuring (IMHO).  

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Maybe I'm too easy to please - really enjoy checking in a few times a day between clients and at lunch. Almost always find something of interest.  Keep up the good work. BTW I really like the new format now that I'm used to it and since the recent change no speed issues for me.

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As far as the upper middle of the country, the weather has been so bad here with only a couple exception days that there are not a whole lot of boats in use yet this year.  I've got a grand total of 3 hours so far this season

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5 minutes ago, Gavin17 said:

We just got our first Malibu so I'm on here all the time.  Too bad I don't really know anything yet to help others. 

Good to see another active Indy member!

I used to live on this site! The new site really deterred me at first, but the speed has improved greatly recently. I am on more again but not nearly as much as I used to be.

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Think it's a couple things.

1.  You can only read so many "which hull do I have" or "best prop for surfing" threads before you get bored.

2.  As OJ said, the area of the country with the greatest concentration of Malibus is stuck in second winter.

3.  Some of the "larger than life" personalities are clammed up lately (or jettisoned)

4.  New format (though since the move, I've gotten used to)

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The site speed is fine for me, redesign is fine for me. Keep up the good work. 

People that the complain about the redesign need something to complain about. You ask 50 people what they would do different and you would get 50 different opinions.  

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1 hour ago, Ndawg12 said:

I feel the same way, there's something about this new format that I can't put my finger on exactly that is just not as "inviting" as it used to be, imo.  I've got a post about a power wedge issue that I figured would be resolved in an hour and not one response yet.  

Nailed it!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Never saw the site till recently.  So this is all I know.  Think the site is great!  

Guess it is all in what someone is used to.   Change sometimes takes a while to get used to.  Every site has it's pros and cons.

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It,s way off from the older days I think. I find a lot of good in this site but also have thought more the once about dropping out.  I hat the thought that we could not even keep the special sections for the not to be allowed agenda. I do agree some have a harsh use of words but then in a section you had to open to see and you knew going in not all would agree so expect feedback.  It did give many perspectives and if you had an open mind you could always look into the matters. 

We have see some devastating happening to individuals as well as around the country with weather and personal things, could this be a contributor?  All I will say is I hope its a short term thing as for the most part this site is one of the best forums I visit.  JMHO.  

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