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Injector issue

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Last year the monsoon engine on my 2001 ss vlx had a stumble every on e in awhile. I thought nothing of it and was going to replace electrical ittems this year. I never did it and the first time out the engine was bad rough above 2000 rpm.

I replaced plugs wires cap rotor but no help. The old Plugs for number 5 and number 7 cylinder were funky. 5 was black and wet like it was running very rich . 7 was white as a sheet with a slight soot mark on the end of the thread section. All the rest had a light gray brown color on the insulator and looked normal. Those are the first two injectors to get the fuel from the fuel pump. I pulled the new plugs and discovered the exact same looks 

Guess injectors need cleaning. Any tips? Can it be done at home or better to send them out? I can pull them and reinstall. Guess i would need o rings. 

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@williemon Check out this thread:

I know the subject of cleaning injectors has come up at least three times in the past few weeks, maybe it's time somebody wrote up a FAQ or procedure for pulling & cleaning injectors. (Don't take that personally, it's just a suggestion for someone who knows what they're doing and has time.)

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There are plenty of places to can send your injectors to for a good ultrasonic cleaning.  Around $25 each and that includes new O-rings.  They usually turn them around in a day or so, and some provide a before and after test results.  If you can pull and reinstall, it would probably be well worth it for you to have them cleaned on that 2001....it is probably due.  Just do a search on the net and you will find plenty of places that provide this service.  When you pull them, mark them as to which cylinder they came from.

I chased a low WOT RPM issue by throwing every part I could think of of the engine, and the problem all along was clogged/clogging injectors.

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I have read more and decided to pull the one side (trouble cylinders on same side). I have a can of spray carb cleaner and a 9 volt battery. I will try to clean them and work them with the battery as i clean. 

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I pulled the injectors and found three of them was stopped up on the inlet side screen baskets. I cleaned that with carb cleaner spray. Then fashioned a tube to attach to the injector, fill it with carb cleaner, then used a battery to pulse the injector while i added some air pressure to the tube by blowing into it. This allowed the cleaner to spray through. I also found one of them was leaky but i think the cleaning helped dislodge debris so it would close up again. 

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I took apart the fuel rails and cleaned them along with the hoses attaching everything. I reinstalled everything using vasoline on the o rings. They seemed very pliable and in good shape. I test ran it on the hose and no leaks and it ran much better. Lake test still to come.

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