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Wet Sounds to Illusion X tower


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So I have a question for my Bu friends and maybe it's been brought up before I couldn't find anything so I know someone here has the answer I didn't want to jump another thread. I recently bought a set of Rev 10s with fixed clamps and were Gona mount to the tubing of my Illusion X tower but have decided to order another set and add them in place of my factory Titan cans. 

So my question is the next set I order should I order with the X clamp kit? Is that the kit I will need to mount directly to my Illusion X tower? If so then I will need to order an X clamp kit for the first set also to mount all 4 directly to tower right? Thanks in advance Malibu Crew!! 

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You should be able to buy Illusion x mounting brackets the screw into the threaded holes in the tower.  I do not believe there is a need for clamps.  My body has 2 sets of Rev 10's on his Illusion x no clamps.  They should be available with the speaker from the factory.  One set has a pretty large offset to accommodate the size of speaker

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So Sparky do I need one set of these or will I need a set for each set of Revs? These are to offset them because they are much larger than the Titan cans right? 

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You need one pair of Rev-10X

One X-Mount conversion kit for existing pair of rev-10

One pair ADPDXTB off set mounts to mount 2 pair rev-10 to illusion

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I actually made some X mounts, but ended up not using them. I took the metal bracket out of the speaker and they mounted "pretty" nicely directly to the tower. I pushed some washers and didnt have any issues. They must be using 1.75" bolts from WS as my hardware store didnt have any that were perfect for the job. I can send you the specs if you want to try and clone one :)

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MLA nailed it.


1 Xkit (call wetsounds, not on their website) = 1 set of wetsounds

1 xkit + 1 DX adaptor = 2 sets of wetsounds

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