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New clamping Malibu rack


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I heard Malibu has a new clamping board rack.  Will it fit on G3 towers and any dealers have them in stock ready to ship?

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I called a dealer on this a few weeks ago cause I saw in a promo video a 2016 with a clamping rack, and the good news is that it will fit a G3 (I think).  Bad news is the price I got quoted was absurd, like $2,200 for a pair.  Dealer thought it was absurd too, but that was the price from Malibu.  I didn't pursue it much after that...

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Newer version of the PTM clamping rack or a in house Malibu made rack?     Any pictures or link to the video would be nice too!  

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Pretty sure you're talking about the PTM clamping racks.  They have been out a few years now, and they are compatible with the G3 tower (pictured below) 

If you're ordering a new boat, MSRP is aprox $2,500 for the first pair and $4,275 for the second pair.  Of course, nobody pays MSRP so figure out your discount from there.  

The reason the first pair is cheaper on a new build is because Malibu is giving credit for the standard combo racks they are replacing.  

If you want to add a pair to an existing boat you're going to be paying the higher price.  You can offset it yourself by selling your combo racks on TMC.  I did that once and got aprox. $950/pair.  

So if you get the new racks for $3,000 (which would be a great deal), and you sell your racks for $1000, you'd only be out of pocket $2,000/pair.  That's a lot of cake, but these racks are awesome.  Trust me!  My wife and kids love them, and they are generally oblivious to all the little things I do for the boat.  

Now that you know what these racks cost... when you see a Malibu with QUAD clamping racks you should stop and have a moment of silence for all the benjamins the owner killed to make that happen. :cry:  When we were on Lake Entiat last year for a week vacation there was a '14 VLX a few houses down from us on a lift that had quad clamping racks.  That boat never touched the water all week.  We surmised the house was empty and the owner was gone.  My son wanted to swim down at 2am and quietly slide those racks off!  Of course he was joking... but it got me thinking that's ALOT of dough to leave there unprotected.  


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4 hours ago, saxton15 said:

Are both forks the same width?  Do they allow for thicker boards than the regular bungee racks?

That is what i want to know.  Will they fit surf style boards?  That is the only reason I would buy them.

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8 hours ago, saxton15 said:

Are both forks the same width?  Do they allow for thicker boards than the regular bungee racks?


4 hours ago, WaBackcountry said:

That is what i want to know.  Will they fit surf style boards?  That is the only reason I would buy them.


Yes, both slots are the same width, and they will fit surf style boards.  

Last year I had my Ronix Carbon Powertail in these racks.  And just yesterday I tried my new Soulcraft HC Pro model and it fits!!  The Soulcraft is a pretty fat board too...


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  • 4 weeks later...

I will be more than likely selling 2 PTM clamping racks.  We bought a demo and it has 4 of them.  My family will never need more than two.  How much can I get for a pair of them?  Also, on the G4 tower, which is the better placement? Upper or lower position on the G4.  Thanks

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Having experience in both (four racks for the tower on the boat, and a new rack for the wife) - I would say the wife rack gets waaaaaaaay more appreciation than the tower racks.


Like... way way. 

Just throwing that out there.

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  • 4 years later...

Just a correction to the PTM fitting wake surf boards.  I own a 2016 Malibu 22ft VLX Chaos bamboo ringer will not fit in the PTM clapping racks.  The board is over an 1/8th inch wider than the racks.  The racks are awesome except they are way to heavy for racks. In 2017 PTM supposedly made the racks wider.and my

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