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Mold/Mildew from back of vinyl

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Figured I would post this question again and see if anyone has a solution.......


Have some mold/mildew bleeding through the vinyl from the back.  It's where my cover rests on the back portion of the sundeck.  Anyone have any luck getting it off?  I have tried vinyl sauce, bleach(yeah I know), LA's Totally Awesome and Magic Eraser.......

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Sometimes it's not mild and mildew but chemicals from the foam and glue. Easy to tell from a picture. Is the vinyl by chance one of the grey colors?

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On April 28, 2016 at 6:40 AM, oldjeep said:

Put it out in the sun for a while and let it cook.  That should tell you if it is the glue/padding issue.


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I just had this happen to my vdrive sun deck and just about lost my mind, now it's like it never happened.  After I uncovered it say in storage for a week and faded drastically then after an afternoon in sunny driveway it's gone.  Weird, is it the glue padding or a science fair biological phenomenon?

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Yea, some sort of mold/reaction under the vinyl with the adhesive or foam or ??

Malibu has battled this for several years. Seems like the best way to beat it is lots of sunshine and heat. Not so easy for you guys in humid areas.

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Went on a road trip just on 2 years back with a bit of gear in the boat & the cover on.

A 8 hour trip in temps over 100f.

When I arrived to get a few things out of the boat the rear ski hatch covers & any upholstery where in close proximity to the cover had this wonderfull almost purple fungi like growth.

Front bow seat tops, rear lounge & some of the side uphostery.

Left it out in the sun for a few hours & you would never know it was there. It has never returned, yet...

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I see references to a glue/padding issue.  I have a 2011 VTX with the grey & off white seats.  When I bought the boat (used) from the dealer and took off what I'm assuming is the factory Malibu cover the rear sun deck was pinkish / red in spots.  After in the sun for a day looks like it disappeared.  What is the cause and should I be doing something to prevent in the future?  I don't cover it often as it stores in the garage during the week, but will have outside for a few weeks straight and will be covering at night and don't want the colors to come back.  When I covered for winter storage in Wisconin (in a covered, unseated barn) I put some white terrycloth towels between the sun deck and boat cover, but no stain this spring when I opened it up.

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